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Wanting to shut down 1 website and transfer content?

Wanting to shut down 1 website and transfer content?

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Everything Wordpress

I have purchased a 2nd .com site, and want to transfer the content from my original site to the new one. Then shut down the original one and remove it completely. Will Google

I don't know much but reading all comments will put me on a different level of learning.

don't shutdown the site until the redirection is complete. You can move the content from original site to the new domain, just follow the procedure from site rubix>>manage site>>move.

Thank you for the info. Both sites are .com - just have much better domain name. Still the same procedure?

Yes, the same as you move from site rubix to .com. I used to do that, from site rubix, to .com to another .com. The only downfall is the site trust backward.

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Google indexing of new site?

Google indexing of new site?

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Search Engine Optimization

I am just starting a new site. I deliberately haven't done the Google verification because I wanted to get it set up properly.

Today I got an email from W.A. Saying it w

Those little gnomes are always there but make sure you attract the friendly ones!

I know this is going to be a stupid question, how do you attract the friendly gnomes?

Maybe spread fairy dust

I don't have that will dog hairs do? ....lol !

Feed them before midnight. (from the movie - Gremlins)

Google do have little nomes working 24/7 and found your posts and indexed your site! Keep posting good content to get higher ranking!
Cheers, Lisa

Thanks for this info. Lisa. Regards, Jan

Your websites are automatically live once you start posting on them and Google will start crawling content once it comes across it, so yes the Google gremlins were at work. The verification you mention was probably for google analytics so that you can track your visitors was it?

I have no idea! I haven't done anything except bought the .com, and made headings etc. I think it must be an Autumn thing, when all plants grow madly, same with Google! I don't have google analytics - wanted to get everything right before doing all that. Thank you in advance for any info. Jan

....and isn't Autumn lovely...it certainly is here in the mountains Jan...

Yep, but that Autumn glow doesn't help me with Google!

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Can anyone help with positioning google translator?

Can anyone help with positioning google translator?

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Everything Wordpress

I have got the code for the translator, but it has positioned itself at the bottom of my post. I feel it should be at the top. It doesn't want to move

Plugin selection might also be an approach to resolving this.

Thanks for helping. Can you say which plugin?

Check out this site for alternatives: https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/top-6-translation-plugins-for-your-wordpress-site/

Thank you for your help. I managed to do it with a text widget (duh! didn't know how they worked. Do now! Thanks again.

maybe trying a different theme

If I remember my working with it, go to your dashboard and bring up the post or page you want to place it on. At the top of the post you will see two tabs, labeled visual and text. Click on the text tab, then copy and paste the code where you want it by clicking in the text box at the point you want to use, then pasting the code at the cursor. I think that's the way I did it.

Thank you for helping .. But even after I have deleted the little symbol and deleted the code, gone back to Google and got the code again, it still positions itself at the bottom! Gremlins at work here!

Looks like it.

I have problems putting things at the top, hopefully someone will come to your aid and I will find a solution as well.

Should have an answer soon.!

Hi. I think I might have the answer, will try it out and direct you if successful. Jan

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Hi. can anyone help with amazon?

Hi. can anyone help with amazon?

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Everything Wordpress

I want to put a banner at the bottom of post. I chose the product, got the URL, did all as suggested in training, but 4 lines of code showed up at bottom of post, no banner, j

You need to add the code to the text side. At the top of the post page you will see visual and text click text and the code in there.

Thanks James. Got it sorted. Jan

Thank you very much, and remain blessed.

Yes, putting the code in the text editor is the right way to do it.. Learnt from the same mistake.

Thank you for your input. Jan

You have to put the code in the text editor, not the visual editor.

Usually what I do is to put a string of same letters or numbers (pppppppppppppppp) in the visual editor so the location is easy to find when I open the text editor. Works great.

Well that right there helps me out ALOT. I was always getting frustrated about putting the code into a post. Thanks so much! And thanks to JauA for posting the question.

Thank you for the info gmegs. I'll try it.

sometimes I just create a fake page on the text mode I enter the code then I hit visible then save it then I just copy and paste it then put it on your post

Thanks for your hint. Jan

Sometimes you need to use a text widget for those. I use the vantage theme which uses page builder plugin to outline your post and inserting a row with a text widget

Good idea. Thanks for that. I'll try later. Jan

Did you remember to enter the code in the text mode

Hi KatieMac. Yes, I did. Will try again later. Jan. Many thanks.

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