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What happened to the wa university app on google play store?

What happened to the wa university app on google play store?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

What happened to the WA University app on the Google play store? My phone crashed and I need to add back this app, but I can no longer find it in the app store.

WA does not have an app on Google Play Store. If you found something it is not a genuine Wealthy Affiliate one.

WA have app? Better don’t use beb...

Yeah. I've gotten some good responses to this question. I had no idea that it could be an unauthorized app. I'll steer clear of this one. 😊 Thanks!

Hi - please don't use this app, it is not authorised. WA does not have an app.

Thanks Diane. I appreciate it.

There is no official WA app on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store

Thanks Chrystopher! I didn't know that the one I used previously was not an authorized app from Wealthy Affiliate.

There isn't an app for WA. If you find one, it is probably not genuine.

Thank you Abie.

You are so very welcome.

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Can you create multiple youtube channels?

Can you create multiple youtube channels?

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Video Marketing

Can you create multiple YouTube channels under the same Google account, or is it one channel per account?


Yes you can


You can, yes :-)

I have a fair few channels under my one account :-)

Thank you!

Yes, you can.


You’re most welcome. It’s not productive to have only one channel per account. YouTube allows you to create channels under the same YouTube/Google account you have.


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Who hires writers and what criteria do you use?

Who hires writers and what criteria do you use?

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Authoring & Writing Content

Do any fellow WAs hire copy writers for their niche sites? If so, what criteria do you use to choose the best writer for what you want? What kind of pay scale do you use?

Hiring writers is one of the most common first steps to outsourcing tasks on your website. It can be a huge time saver, especially if you want to scale up the amount of content you're trying to publish. I have a guide you can use on how to get started outsourcing here: My #1 piece of advice is to definitely pay attention to what your writer is publishing in the beginning, until you have a good routine going. It's easy to want to "hand off" tasks and have someone do it, but you need to make sure that you and your writer are on the same page!

So helpful! Thanks!

Hi Tamara, I personally do not hire a copy writers because I do not think it is very cost effective. Perhaps you have a very busy schedule, and that is why you are exploring this idea.
You are a HR Specialist, and a professional student. I know the best writer for your website(s) and posts will be you.

All the best,

Thanks for the props Michael!

You are very welcome Tamara.



since you mentioned in your bio a degree in creative writing you probably just don't have the time to do it yourself.

Here are a few tips (they work for any freelance platform):

1. State clearly and in detail what you want to be done.

2. Include special requirements (expertise in affiliate marketing, native speaker, has to like cowboy hats, etc). The broader you leave the job description, the more unqualified responses you will get.

3. Offering low pay will get you low quality ($0.05/word is a good start, but for premium content, you might have to go higher).
To agree an a price per project is the better solution.

4. Always include a "code" word at the end of your posting. Applicants have to repeat it in their proposals to weed out automated responses and time-wasters (e.g. Start your bid with the word "Babybottom").

5. Checklist for reviewing the applications:

- Is the "code" word present?
- Make sure you like the person because you have to work together.
- Has the person convinced you that he/she can do the job?
- Check supplied writing samples and portfolios. "I can do the job for you" or any other vague promises don't mean anything. Showing is better than telling.
- Check out reviews. The number of reviews doesn't mean much - the content is important. Don't be afraid to take someone with no or little reviews if you think he/she is the right one. Everybody has to start somewhere.
- Does the application give you the feeling that they understand your needs? How often does the word "I" appear and how often the word "you"? Listing achievements ("I have done ... ") doesn't prove anything.
For example:
"I have written many newsletters." Well, maybe, maybe not.
"I have attached a few newsletter samples I wrote recently for a similar project like yours."
Do you see the difference?
The applicant is making an effort to show his/her suitability.

Before posting the job, you have to decide what level of quality you want and adjust the offered payment accordingly.

Again: The lower the payment, the lower the quality.

You need to decide whether you want to edit the writing or if you want text that is ready to be published.

Approach it like online dating - just without the romantic element.

Please let me know if you need any further help.


Can I love this?!!!!!! Thanks soooooooo much Marten!

Hi - you can use cheaper writers from the likes of Fiverr and Freelancer.com, but the work may be of low quality and require editing. They may even send you already published material. Realistically, a top-quality writer will cost $50 for 1000 words. This is obviously an expensive route to take.

Yeah, I definitely want original content. Thanks for the pointers.

I just checked and Jerry actually offers this course on udemy for $10.

Here is the link

I cannot say for sure if the value is there, but the course definitely exists.

I just started this course. Along with one on droppshipping. I'll do a blog on them when I'm finished. Jim

Tamara - Jerry's course has all the criteria and how to do this. I've done it and its very good.
Implementing Jerry's course will cost you $400-450 a month and you could get 15-20 articles per month from that. So that works out about $20-$30/article on average.
There is typically some rework and editing for these writers and you'll need patience to train to your style & quality.

So I guess you would need to do kind of a cost-benefit analysis on whether this is worth it for your niche, website etc

Thanks for the link!

Thank you!

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Wa links- which one is appropriate?

Wa links- which one is appropriate?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have a real life friend who's interested in WA. Which link should I share with him? Eobs the main link work?

Hi Tamara, I think you have the answer already below.


Hey Tamara,

If you wish to have full explanation as to how to use your WA links, you may find the following tutorial very helpful: Hope you find this useful.

Thanks so much!

Hi! Check this out! Cheers!


Thanks so much Florentino!


Hi - yes, the main link would be fine.

Thanks Diane! Happy Monday!


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