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Last Update: May 19, 2014


I just started on wealthy affiliate and i decided on my first day and with in a few hours of looking thru the content on the page that i was going to jump in head first i became a premium member. I lost my job last week and stumbled across this page it look legit and a little intimidating but not as intimidating as being a single mom with no job. so on i go to see exactly what I am capable of i hope i can make some money to pay my bills.... i begin my journey today!!!!!

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You 're going to perform marvelously young lady!

You go girl!. No matter what - just never give up.... there is always someone here to help. Time is of the essence tbhbasile and things will eventually turn around for you! Good luck girlfiend....

Good luck to you! :)

Thanks and good luck to u as well

Good girl. I have also been a single mum and struggled. But congratulations on the decision to work from home it truly is a great place to be. I have 2 sons (grown now) but all through their younger years I had different home businesses and loved being able to be there when they came home from school and to spend the holidays doing fun things together.

Please let me know if I can help you out in any way at all. I have been online for 10 years now and have a good deal of experience.

You r awesome i love to here that there are other single moms in this community striving to make a better life for there family thanks for telling me a little about you and i will definitely contact you if i need help thanks and good luck on our journey to success

I just joined today also. good luck to you!

I hope to see both of us succeed and i hope to see your progress on your journey to success

Welcome to WA, you will not regret joining this community


Thank you

Welcome, you can do it! But, work hard and give it some time.

thanks for the motivation and inspiration

Hi and welcome ;-) I jumped head first on day 3 lol. You will find everything you need here. A friendly suggestion: Take your time going through the lessons, dont rush or skip anything, do all the tasks.. it will come together for you, and you have a WHOLE community behind you ready to help anyway we can. Great to have you here ;-) Give a shout if you need anything.

I am seeing exactly what you mean about don't rush and don't skip anything i see now that the structure is there so you don't get overwhelmed and confused thanks for taking your time to help me and inspire me



welcome 4286699aaa! sorry to hear about your job but great to read about a desire to reach your potential- you're in a great environment here to learn and grow a new career/calling/adventure so best of luck!

Thank you

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