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May 23, 2014
So its day 5 and i have changed a lot I bought a domain i changed my theme of my page i changed the ideas in my mind and on paper of the direction i want my site to go i went to the live seminar i think i am over thinking things so my goal is to comlete more of my content pages tomorrow slowly but surely it will happen. I hope others out there feel my pain.
ok so now I have a website and a few pages its all coming together its easy the support im getting from every were is amazing. I am so excited and I cant wait what else I can accomplish. This Journey is amazing and cant wait to see where it leads me.
I just started on wealthy affiliate and i decided on my first day and with in a few hours of looking thru the content on the page that i was going to jump in head first i became a premium member. I lost my job last week and stumbled across this page it look legit and a little intimidating but not as intimidating as being a single mom with no job. so on i go to see exactly what I am capable of i hope i can make some money to pay my bills.... i begin my journey today!!!!!