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A big hello from Michael Monaghan. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Passions and Hobbies more often than not are one and the same.

My interests include Martial Arts. In particular the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu.

I practice versions of three of the styles/forms of the Four Internal Arts comprised of Hsing-I, Hsi-I, Tai-Chi and Pa Kua. Many Pa Kua moves are incorporated within my forms from various Pa Kua masters even though I do not practice this style of these arts.

As well, I have been influenced greatly by The Northern School represented by Lungman sect of Complete Reality Taoism and the various sects of Huashan system including the Hsien-t’ien (Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi) sect. My last teacher descended from the Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi sect.

Our purpose in Life is to be happy! Nothing More and Nothing Less – Just Be.

Oh yeah, I like dogs and Stereo Equipment.
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affiliatesun Premium
Hello Michael, and is great to meet you. Thank you for the follow. I look forward in to reading your posts and visiting your websites. I wish you the best success.
KristijanS Premium
Hey, Michael, thanks for the follow. I wish you all the best here at WA (& everywhere else)! Following you back..
YMerritt Premium
Best wishes to you here at WA.
MMcConnell Premium
Hello Michael, Wow your passion for Martial Art is impressive, thank you for the follow.
NWTDennis Premium
Hello Michael ... thank you for the follow. It's easy to see what your passion is. It will serve you well in this venture. Best of luck to you.