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Affiliate marketing allows me the freedom to choose. I love that part!! WA offers me the knowledge I need to get there. The community offers me the help when I am stuck. Does it get any better?

Before Today:
I was ready to quit and accept defeat. I had tried a few sites for learning but they were so expensive, complicated, and I still was still chasing my tail running in circles. :) Seemed like every turn was more money to learn. I like how WA is more simplified than most, up-front and honest and no up-sells!! Wealthy Affiliate is easy to maneuver and I can see myself not getting lost in the process, but growing instead. I can see myself here for the long haul.

Up-Date Dec/2016

After being here for a bit now the surprises have been wonderful and eye opening. I have learned SO MUCH and I found some awesome new friends. Help is only a shout out away and I have discovered that what CAN look like an MLM Market, is not always what it seems. Breaking things down and being more specific about your niche is very high on the list as well.

I have learned NOT to jump too far ahead of myself! OOPS! When I got the official boot from Amazon for no sales I had to rethink things.. I found that stepping back and concentrating on only two sites was best for now. I now have a micro niche site where I have my micro sites and one more that is more specific to Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing. At least I hope they can be classified as micro. Each one is so different from the other.

To date my journey here is amazing. I am still training :) that never ends but also because I had to do the revamp on my websites/Blogs. I have completed three goals here at WA. Top 200 and going over 1000 in my network, and completing my first training at WA. Now I am reviewing because it is just too easy to forget.

I am so looking forward to 2017 and getting some referrals in place for WA and for my business with Karatbars. I made a decision just a few months ago to give this a go as I always wanted to see if a 'girl' could invest and come out ahead. To my awesome surprise, you can! And because putting all your eggs in one basket is not the smartest move, I am looking forward to growing with this just as I am with my WA.

I can't wait to see an email coming in to tell me my “Wealthy Affiliate Invitation” has been accepted, as well as my KB (karatbars) telling me I have a “New Partner in my downline” I think I will be over the moon excited.
There is nothing better than to know your efforts are paying off and you are doing something right, earning and helping others do the same.

Wishing everyone here all the best in success and completing your goals in 2017!
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AwesomeWoman Premium
Thanks for the follow, Merry!
I can totally relate to your story! Glad to be learning together with you! ~ t
Stansk Premium Top 100
Great to meet you. Only been here a short time but having a great time here. You look like your doing great yourself. Hope to see you in Las Vegas. Have a great night.
daypackjim Premium
Less than a year and your accomplishments are impressive.
Your ranking is incredible for such a short time. I'm planning on doing the same. thanks for the inspiration.
MsMerry Premium Top 100
you are so welcome. I just like to help others and share when I can.
MsMerry Premium Top 100
following you Jim. Wishing you the very best of luck here. I think you are going to do really well.
Shawn39 Premium
Thanks for the follow back. Have a great day !
RandallW2 Premium
Thanks for following me, Ms Merry. Here's to success in 2017.
carthik-wa Premium
Hi Ms Merry. Thank you for following back. Wish you Success in 2017.
WAwannab Premium
Thanks for following! Happy New Year! I wish you the very best!
Saratoga636 Premium
Hi MsMerry! Thanks for the follow. I really appreciate it. I've been on board @ WA for less than a month now...(really green, but learning fast!!...I wish you the best of success in all your endeavors. May God Bless You & Yours
libertyco Premium
I appreciate the perspective and honesty....
KatyaColvin Premium
I am so grateful for you to follow me back. Thank you!
You are a gem MsMerry!!

Marlene2 Premium
Thanks for the following. Happy new year and we will share.
ShaneWelcher Premium Top 100
Thank you for adding me to my network.
BurtW Premium
I love how you are positive and confident.Two wonderful traits among other on the path to success. One lesson I am placing a lot of emphasis on in my very early beginnings is: Establishing a rock solid foundation. Establishing this crucial element for success is attained in the learning curve.

Don't get sidetracked and forget about the training. I am in agreement with jesus on this!

Best wishes for continued success as you continue to grow and move forward!


MsMerry Premium Top 100
Thanks, Burt. I am on track with my training again. I did get sidetracked as I had one too many sites to take care of. Lesson learned.
Merlster Premium
Hey MsMerry! Thank you for following me. I wish you all the best and a successful new year! Very cute pet you have ;)
MsMerry Premium Top 100
Thank you, she is and very spoiled!
quantumjump Premium
It's easy to get sidetracked with all this excitement!...
focus on the training... You'll be a rockstar before You know it...
When You step into that ring You are already a champion.


jesus bruno
MsMerry Premium Top 100
Totally agree, Jesus!