My posts started to rank - in 21 minutes

Last Update: May 09, 2018

Hello everybody,

I write this new blog because I am really excited about a new discovery I made recently. My website is 3 and a half months old right now and up until recently every new post I was making it needed some time before it showed in Google. Usually this was 2-3 days or even more.

A few weeks ago I watched a video from Jay called the "21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps" which you can find in the link below.

Most of Jay's advice I was already doing from the training for all my posts but there were a few details that I didn't know and they were not in the training so I added them to my posting sequence. I thought that it would be worth to try.

The result? I don't know exactly how much time it takes but the last 2 posts I made yesterday and today showed up in Google in 30 minutes after posting. Of course they are not in the first page, the first appeared in 3rd page and the second post in 4th page but I am very excited because now Google is ranking my posts almost immediately!!!

Hopefuly as my website matures the posts will start appearing higher but this takes time. I am monitoring once per week where my posts are positioned and for the majority of them I see small improvements in their ranking positions so I am positive that it's a matter of time before I make a post and be in the first 21 minutes.

Thank you Jay for your advice and valuable information. You guys are awesome.


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HowardJaros Premium
Good job Stratos!
StratosK Premium
MSnargrass Premium
Awesome! Keep pushing!
StratosK Premium
Of course I will Marcus!
Laurel0887 Premium

My best,

StratosK Premium
Thank you Laurel
Easy-Moneys Premium
AAAh....the magic of Wealthy Affiliate in action!

You followed the Trainings and Voila, reaped the benefits!

Kudos to you...many many many people fail to learn this lesson!

StratosK Premium
The training really works. I continue to follow it to the letter and I slowly start to see the results of this.
skendrick4 Premium

StratosK Premium
Thank you!