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Hello everyone,I am writting because I need to somehow let some steam go as I haven't been so frustrated for a long time now. We all know that the Amazon affiliate program in general is going from bad to worse but what is going on with the Amazon Canada associates program is on a whole new level.Some time ago I had applied for the Amazon Canada program and as they always do they immediately accept you and later they confirm your acount. So I started using their links as per normal and everythin
Hello everyone. My name is Stratos and I am here to give you a detailed analysis of my 2nd year in WA. I became a premium member in the beginning of 2018 and you can find my first year's report in my blog here in WA.For those unfamiliar with me I have an Amazon affiliate website that deals with home cinema equipment reviews, home media movies reviews, articles and news. My niche is super competitive as there are many big authrity websites in this field that almost always occupy the top spots in
Hello everyone,This is going to be a pretty fast post but I wanted to let everyone know that finally one of my posts ranks No 1 in Google searches. Well, this took me a while...For those that don't know I have an Amazon Affiliate website that deals with home cinema equipment and movies reviews. My niche is crazy competitive with some big names in the field taking all the top spots like CNET, whatHIFI, Digital Trends, RTINGS and Tech Radar among others. When I first started I was skeptical if th
Hello everyone,It's been a while since I blogged in WA but in all honesty I have put my priorities on my online business so I will try to keep this brief. As I am closing my second year in WA I will be doing a detailed blog soon about what I have achieved this 2nd year and where do I go from now on.But it will be a couple of months before I make my annual report because I have an Amazon affiliate website and it takes a couple of months before all commisions are locked.So until I do that I wante
Since I see that people like to read these yearly reports from members I decided to also make mine in order to keep some record down the line of how my progress is going. I am a bit late on my review as my website is an Amazon affiliate website and as you know Amazon takes some time in order to process your payments because of returned products. As such I had to wait until Amazon would process December payments in order to have a clear idea of how I did in my 1st year.Although 2018 was not a fu
December 30, 2018
Hello everyone,Another year is coming to an end and I hope everyone did great and 2019 to bring more success to all.I would like to ask for some help from our community regarding my website. My site is an Amazon affiliate one and I use links for both Amazon US and Amazon UK. As we know, all Amazon stores have a minimum sales limit in order to keep your account active which is 3 sales per 6 months.In this 1 year I am a member here in WA I never had problems with the US Amazon as I manage to make
Hello everyone,It's been a while since my last blog post but all this time I haven't stopped working on my website. I am almost at my 7th month mark now and I wanted to give a bit of a heads up of where I am at the moment.Content so farMy website is about home cinema and movies and up until now I have written 40 home cinema equipment reviews, 20 movie reviews, 7 articles and 4 video games reviews. In the beginning I was splitting my time evenly between these 4 categories but as time went by I s
Hello everybody,I write this new blog because I am really excited about a new discovery I made recently. My website is 3 and a half months old right now and up until recently every new post I was making it needed some time before it showed in Google. Usually this was 2-3 days or even more.A few weeks ago I watched a video from Jay called the "21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps" which you can find in the link below. of Jay's adv
Hello everyone,I prefer to make monthly reports of my progress so I thought a lot if I should post this or not. In the end I decided that it is better this way in order to give motivation for new members as well as members that are still struggling to have any results.A few days ago I uploaded my April's report which was my third active month at WA. For the month of May I had set my goal to do better even if by a small margin. I am happy to tell you that in the 5th day of the month i achieved 2
Another month has passed and here I am again to report on my progress. Things are still very premature so I am not waiting for any results just yet. I want to point out that everything I am doing is what the training says as I am following it to the letter without any deviations.So here are my results for the month of April - My 3rd active month as I don't count January because it was a month that I tried to get used to WA and start basic training.AchievementsMy first achievement for April was