Failing My Way to Success!

Last Update: March 06, 2012

By my evaluation, I am failing at all of my committments to myself for the WA Class, but...

(This all started with a "Just checking in to see how you're getting along" from Bruce

The Answer...

Everything is going Great and I have about 10,000 things on my list to learn and 1,000 things I did Not do right. And nothing is Going to Stop Me from Doing Whatever I Can Do... No Matter How Little Each Day...

I am Just Starting to learn enough to ask questions and I can usually find the answers on WA site ( with just a little searching). 

  • First 30 days (January 7 - February 7)
    1) Exploring WA and the trainings available
       (Now to start really learning the materials in those trainings)
    2) Attempted the 30 Days to Success class
       It was like I was taking an advanced class being taught in a foreign language I don't speak
    3) Spent large percentage of that time learning the definitions of the words I was reading :) 
    4) Another huge percent trying to learn to socialize within WA (that part has become fun)
    5) I did get my domain,
          Got a couple of other domains for future projects
          Learned the definitions of Domain, Website, Host and about 500 other words
    6) Explored the basics of WordPress Express
          Played with a bunch of themes.
          Have NOT got my website even close to representative of what I want to do there!
          Have NOT figure out how to best communicate my content on the site
    7) Acquired several Affiliate-ships (that should be a word). 
          Have NOT actually installed (setup?) Affiliate-ships on my website


  • Second Month (February 9 - March 12):
    1) Learning some of the concepts of communication via the internet (30 in 30 class)
    2) Picked up an inexpensive Digital Video Camera
    3) Have NOT created articles the way I planned
    4) My thoughts have been Sidetracked by Life!
       * My 2007 Prius got totaled
       * Dealt with Insurance settlement
       * Replaced my car - 2006 Prius
       * Husband got rehired after 8 month unemployed
       * My Day and Night Job is my own computer support service and it has been growing!
  • Surprised by how hard it has been to get back on track with my writing!
  • Pleased with myself that I have spent time on WA most every day!
  • Keep Up the Habits of doing a little, even if it is logging on to see who else might need a friend.


Have made a plan for the next 12 months of growing my on-line business with the help of WA

  • Month 3 (March 13 - April 13):
    1) Set-up
    2) Find a Theme I can live with for a while
    3) Get Affiliate-ships Activated
    4) Create content I am more happy with
    5) Create "okay" video pieces and get them on website
    6) Actually complete the work I committed to in learning to communicate... 30 in 30 Project.
  • Keep On Learning and Doing, No Matter How Small the Step!


  • Month 4 (April 15 - May 15)
    1) Acturally complete the work I started in January... 30 Days to Success Club
    2) Learn how to incorporate Social Media into my reality
  • Keep Showing Up and Doing Whatever I Can!


... Sherry M


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Renni Premium
Great action plan, Sherry. Looks almost exactly like the one I SHOULD have! :) I keep To Do Lists and try to check off as much as I can every day - and have to admit that I slack at times then berate myself for wasting time. I sometimes just get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of tasks at hand and those I KNOW I need to get back to (like your First 30 Days stuff) And now, after the 30 in 30, I have those emails to revisit as well! I hope I learn enough to actually make a living soon. I did, however, recently get another small business to build a web site for and am upping my prices for this one - feeling my worth and the value I can bring bec I know I know more than the average bear even though I don't know it all. With my elderly mom in the hospital right now, time is crunched. But then, isn't it always?
Thanks, Renni! I am really working on not beating myself up when I don't hold to the plan. My Dad is 90 this year and we do his meals. I got a teaching opportunity at a tech. school where I was just teaching Dragon. Now I am teaching Basic Computers and MS Office and love it... so I am letting things shift again. Still I log-on to WA and SA daily and do what I can. Will revamp my Action Plan at the end of the month. I am rambling... crash time... good night.
jatdebeaune Premium
Excellent Sherry! Gold!
Thanks for the Gold, Joan! and thanks for some of the communications you have been posting over in forum. Nicely put!
Deezdz Premium
Looks like you're staying motivated and creating yourself some great "stepping stones" to keep learning and doing a priority. =)
Stepping Stones really is how I keep going... Just "where do I jump to next? and next? and next? I am not sure it is motivation so much as focus on the Stone I am standing on and the one I am about to step on. Thanks for the reference point StacyDee!
canoz Premium
Sherry, how awesome! I want to say how motivating this is for me. I feel like I have a friend in the same situation. I think I signed up in November and I'm on day 12 of the 30 day challenge. It didn't seem worth going ahead when I wasn't happy with how things were up to that point. More work to do. I'm currently doing the 30 day Street Articles challenge with great success!!! I have few places to link my articles to yet (sigh) BUT it's really consolidated the types of things I enjoy writing about and there are a few very supportive people there nudging me on! So grateful to everyone 'out there'. Forward progress is just that! As you taught me... one stepping stone at a time!
It is hard not to Think... "I am the only one that doesn't get it!" Some things "everyone" seem to know is why I should be rated by Google, how does this create income. I am sure it was in some of the classes I studied or WAbinars, but I have no concept of how this translates to income. I just trust everyone here that I will eventually grasp it if I just keep on keeping on. And it is fun learning :-)
Labman Premium Plus
Wow, sounds like you are getting there. Come on, stop procrastinating and get a couple of article out there. It's not that hard, and it does get easier the more you do.
Congratulations on your successes so far. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Craig, really appreciate all the insights and support!