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The title says it all. I stay subscribe to Wealth Affiliate because there is no where else on the Internet I can get focus, simple training for anything and everything I need to do to stay in business!Worth its weight in Gold and more!Sherry
I have been struggling with the Expense(s) part of my business on a Schedule C for my Income Taxes in the United States.Not sure how it is in any other country... Here they really have just one place to put Income... but Expenses, they make you guess and who knows what happens if we do it wrong!What about Domain Purchases? Hosting Fees? Smart Phones? Apps? Books on HTML? memberships? to Wealthy Affiliate? JAAXY? Photoshop Upgrade? Dragon Naturally Speaking? New Headset for Dragon? Microsoft Off
By my evaluation, I am failing at all of my committments to myself for the WA Class, but... (This all started with a "Just checking in to see how you're getting along" from Bruce The Answer... Everything is going Great and I have about 10,000 things on my list to learn and 1,000 things I did Not do right. And nothing is Going to Stop Me from Doing Whatever I Can Do... No Matter How Little Each Day... I am Just Starting to learn enough to ask questions and I can usually find the a
She was Special and now she is gone!  In 2007, we had saved for 5 years and we got my Dream Car.   She was a 2007 Prius and she had everything on her I wanted. If she had a name it was: My Video Game on Wheels She was essentially a gift from my husband; he is still driving a 1992 Toyota pickup. The day we got her was as important to me as an anniversary.  It was July 23, 2007.  I had even saved the window sticker listing the accessories she came with. Every fill-up I t
February 14, 2012
I really can't believe how much of a thrill I got off of the experience of getting my first article published at Street Articles.  Maybe it is because I have experienced such fear about expressing myself.  I love teaching Dragon NaturallySpeaking and I am starting to learn that there is no end to the number of subjects I think people would be excited to hear about voice-to-text power.  Thanks for your support, especially Ezinewriter and Moonshadow for the writing advice
February 03, 2012
Hi Folks, So many of you I wanted to touch base with tonight.  Ran out of Uumph-h-h!  This has been a wild couple of weeks.  I love the Learning platforms and all of You and all of the Support. I am Excited about what I am doing here and Can Do... The Pieces are Coming Together and what a Great Feeling. This may seem silly to some of you but I am just starting to feel like I have enough knowledge to go back and Rate the Classes I took.  I did not know when I first
How Little We Know when We Start Down any New Path...  :-)  I Boldly Proclaimed that I would have my Website Grand Opening, TODAY... 02-01-2012.  (Ooops, Not Quite Ready, Folks!) I have Learned a Lot!!!  I  have Accomplished a Lot!  I Did Not Know how much Time it takes to fill out info for the Affiliate relationships with other Companies (and that I would have to wait for the approval to come back from them). I Did Not Know how many things I would Do
Several of You Suggested I appreciate what I have done, so here goes: *Chose my passions (teaching Dragon NaturallySpeaking, iMindMap, Cockatiels) <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"> *Purchased my Domain from GoDaddy *Set up the Hosting Service *Installed a WordPress Express site *Activated some Plug-Ins *Setup All-in-One SEO *Learned Something Called “Keywords” Exists and are Important *Setup SteppingStonesTo’s Space Info *SteppingStones
January 24, 2012
Day 18 I really, really, really do HATE this! I Like Looking Good; I Like Being Good. I don't like being a beginner and not understanding half the words I read and hear. I still don't even know what RSS is? I keep forgetting to look it up. I am irritated because I get it that I have to start DOING and I really like being GOOD at stuff before I Do it!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office"> And I don't feel like I know enough not to look (and feel) really st
Day 9 A Few Simple Things I've Learned :-) !) That I have to Click on [Create a New Blog Post] to add a new blog entry. (I guess to stood out too much for me to see it.)  [Edit Post] somehow was and is doing strange things, like eating my previous words. 2) If you click too many times on [Donate Gold] you can go into the negative. (Just like real Life!) 3) Set Do-able Steps for Myself each day (and don't get down on myself when I don't accomplish all the "interesting", "