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Not so new anymore to Wealthy Affiliate. I'm an old newbie. In fact,
I feel like a perennial "newbie". There are some aspects of IM that are very comfortable for me right now, and others that will require patience and focus to master. The tech stuff still gives me anxiety. Html blues. Here's the good news...the stress disappears every time I learn something. So eventually all the stress will go bye bye. I suspect, it will
be the same for the "new" newbies.

So glad to be here! Appreciate that Kyle and Carson created such a fine community to learn this craft. WA has a great positive vibe, with wonderful members.

Before I came here, I bought into lots of programs and guru material. I was chasing my tail like a mad monkey on crack. Have had fun though, if blowing through your resources can be fun. Spent money on things I didn't need, burned holes in my pockets, and ended up with pathetically puny success, but energetic websites. No computer experience. Hah! I didn't even know how to turn one on. No kidding. Obviously, didn't know enough, so I just winged it. I was so confused. Not enough knowledge is a dangerous thing. But you have to start somewhere. That was yesterday and today is today. Every day I am that much more knowledgeable, that much ahead. Tomorrow will be another story. The ahah! moments are cumulative. If you want to know how far you have come, just look at where you started.

I was a printed textile designer, product designer, and an illustrator in New York for many years. I've won lots of industry awards, and it's the way I earned my living. I am really a painter. My big passion is painting. My primary focus right now is my art. IM was originally intended to be a way to support myself while I transition from the applied to the fine arts and paint.

Surprise! I greatly underestimated the amount of skill and experience it takes to be a successful marketer online. I am using my newly acquired skills to promote art and design. I aim to use this knowledge as inventively as I can. You can't invent if you don't get those technical skills under your belt too.

Have had to figure out how to keep the daylight hours for painting and drawing, and work online at night. Like most painters, I need daylight to see color.

My first manner of business at WA has been to stay organized and to be disciplined. Discipline!!! Discipline means to stay "on purpose" and always remember what I am here for, which is to learn how to be a creative, contributive, and profitable online presence while I serve "art" first.

Protect time. Time is yours and my most valuable commodity.

Update: Even though I have a great deal to learn about Internet Marketing, I am understanding the connection between each step, and becoming analytical of the whole process. That's good news for anybody. When you figure out the logic, you can save yourself time, even when you experiment.

I wish everybody here much success in attaining your individual goals.

If it is to make a full time living online, then cheers to you! You can do it. You are in the right place to support that goal. You will have all the help you will ever need.

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onefineham Premium
You can do it!

Not sure where you are in your marketing plan... but get going on Aweber or Get Response / email autoresponder and list building! Success rates go way way up with them!
onefineham Premium
I looked seriously at Get Response and Aweber only. Aweber seems to be the most universally integrated auto-responder with WordPress (which is what I use for most sites) so I went with that - after a LONG deliberation. You can import lists to Aweber with a little trial and error. Hope that helps.
jatdebeaune Premium
Thanks Barry. How do you feel about Constant Contact? I started with them and think it might be difficult to switch out with my short list. Maybe not.
jatdebeaune Premium
Ezinewriter Premium
Thanks for passing by my blog as always, Joan. Very Happy New year to you!
Hazie Premium
J, thanks, I think I'll stick to horses. I loved your piece on bats. Have a great holiday.
Meadow Breeze Premium
I am new at WA & I would appreciate it if you would consider adding me as a Buddy. Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
cjlperson1 Premium
Thanks for responding to my post!