Wealthy Affiliate's Site Support is Excellent

Last Update: November 03, 2017

I contacted Wealthy Affiliates's site support team for the first time today. My problem was addressed quickly. They notified me by email when my problem was resolved. Since I was multitasking, I can't say whether it was done in 10 minutes or 20 minutes. I just know that it was fast.

In hindsight, I wish I would have contacted them when my login problem first arose. I dreaded contacting the help desk so much that I waited over a month hoping the problem would disappear on it's own.

Most support desks are so frustrating to work with that I delayed contacting the help desk. I wished the problem would just disappear on its own. It didn't.

-If you need to contact the WA support desk, you will not be given to sales people trying to sell something. (That happens every time I contact my cell phone provider.)

-They actually responded to my problem. I've had the warranty department for my truck and the real estate title company that my real estate clients work with simply ignore my emails about a problem.

-I didn't have to answer a thousand questions about my problem before they were willing to help me.

I wish other companies would have help desks that are as helpful as Wealthy Affiliate's Site Support is.

Moral of the story: If you have a problem, give Wealthy Affiliate Site Support the chance to help you. They are great.

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Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks Sondra, I'm six months here and I never contacted them, maybe I should.

I experienced a few issues but I contacted Kyle directly and he also helped me promptly.

WA is the best!
SondraM Premium

LOL. Don't contact site support until you actually need them. It will make you appreciate them more. I waited about 10 months.
MKearns Premium
Bet n show Sondra. Nothing like em!
SondraM Premium
Thanks Mike!
ContentBySue Premium
I agree, Sondra. SiteSupport is quick to help and their patience is immeasurable. They helped me yesterday through an obstacle course of a website theme issue. If they can't help you, they will tell you and make suggestions as to your next steps.

All the best,
SondraM Premium
I'm glad you had a great experience also.

All the best to you to.
SeanGreentre Premium
Nice article. I completely agree. They helped me transfer my site hosting to WA, which had potential to be a nightmare... but they help make it a breeze.
SondraM Premium
Ick.... transferring the site to WA could have been a nighmare. I'm glad that made it easy for you.
SBotwe Premium
Yes, the support hete is outstanding. I can't be compared to any support from anywhere else at all.

I will say it just CLASSIC.
SondraM Premium
Well said!!!! They deserve every bit of appreciation they get.