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Hi, I am currently an installer of wardrobes and showers screens. I am really starting to hate my work and my body has had enough





Why is google not picking up my blogs?

Why is google not picking up my blogs?

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Search Engine Optimization

Hi everyone, I have searched through jaaxy, all my blogs and hardly any of them are not ranked in google. I have been blogging for 4 months now.
Can any one tell me why? Tha

I did a search on Google and you got about 39 results indexed on Google. I attach a screenshot. Have you checked Google Webmaster Tools as this will give you concise results?

Thanks Kevin. I didn't no, I did it in Jaaxy.

You're most welcome Paul.

please see attachment

I'm not sure if you mean ranked or indexed, if they've not been indexed then follow this training :)

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Why has my wa ranking dropped?

Why has my wa ranking dropped?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi, I am just wondering why my WA ranking went from 195 to 8939??

This happened to me a few times! They're just trying to give people credit who haven't been given enough due to some flaw that was in the system. What improved my rank again was responding to people's questions and comment on blogs and such!

Hope this helps!!

thanks Hannah

WOW! But, as I read below from Patsy and Rich, I guess it is still a work in progress.


Hi Paul, there was another update.
It was mentioned that they would still be ongoing.

thanks Patsy

There was a major ranking update and there are ongoing tweaks. :)


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How long does it take for a blog to get ranked?

How long does it take for a blog to get ranked?

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Search Engine Optimization

How long does it take for a blog to get ranked? As I went for a keyword phrase that only had 3 competition 6 days ago.

The common response to this question is obviously, “It depends,” because there are just too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, skills, etc. The biggest factor of WHERE is age.

The “age” is calculated from the date when the crawlers first saw the page. But since Google's spiders crawl the web at a pretty staggering speed, the actual age of the page/post should be very close, if not identical, to your own records.

It can be done in 8 seconds, see one example below, in other words, it can be ranked instantly if you use Fetch.

That always depends on Google's mood sometimes it seems...lol! I've had a blog ranked the next day with nothing on it, as I hadn't started creating it yet, so it's like the ranked my domain name...lol, and other times, it took two to three weeks to get ranked!


Short answer: Sometimes few minutes, sometimes a few weeks.

Depends on the age of your site, how consistent you are with posting, comments, internal linking, the content itself, etc.

There's many different variables, here's a resource from Jay that will help tremendously. Hope this helps

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