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*2017 Update.. Hey I'm Jaron and I wrote this Bio below in 2009 WOOOOWW!!

I've grown so much since I've been here, I don't even want to delete past material because it's interesting seeing old content and comparing it to the new. I watch my old youtube videos, old posts, past blogs and begin to feel a sincere appreciation for where I am now and where I came from.

Long story short... I love helping people, there's a TON I have to do here on earth and I tell most of it through music I create at the WinnersBlock.com

Hey I'm Jaron and I haven't figured out how to change my typo "JaRoDavis".

Anyway I'm a record label owner from Bloomfield, CT and WA has showed me how to make my own site: JTAforFree.com

When: Yesterday(May 14, 2009)

more about me coming sooner than later
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IslandMike Premium
Hello JR! I also saw you congratulate Eddy on his recent trip to Las Vegas. I had seen your profile before, I intentionally looked for the folks who joined up many years ago to see if they had stuck around -- but thought you were inactive -- guess not!

It's always especially inspiring to know folks who have been here many years.

All the best!
JaRoDavis Premium
so sorry had NO IDEA there were comments on my profile! but yeah, I think I signed up in 2009, think I put 2007 or something lol. thanks, yes I was here when the forum was AWESOME and I got most of my answers from there. but yes I did take a break for some time. Yes I'm now back
lindasea Premium
Hello JR. I just read your comment to Eddy and found it very encouraging. Its awesome that you have apparently been 'nose to the grindstone' working these past 7 years. Someday I hope you will share your successes and maybe the learning curve too. Stay Well! Linda
JaRoDavis Premium
Hey Linda, sorry I didn't realize I had comments on my profile. Yes I actually signed up 2009, got the dates mixed up when I wrote the comment. but yes I remember being on Eddy's site seeing hearing about WA in 2009, took a few breaks and got distracted by shiny IM objects, but I'm now back for good. I think my success story will inspire many people in the same niche as me and many in the WA community. my latest site will be the proof of PURE WA training implemented properly. I'll keep in touch!
lindasea Premium
Yes indeed...I hope you do. And i will be looking for that 'proof of PURE WA training."

Being an inspiration to others in this journey...now that is a wonderful goal.

Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
JessicaL86 Premium
Hey buddy. Hope you are doing great.

Maybe we can exchange links on our sites. :)

Miguelito203 Premium
Start with the 8-week action plan. Upon the completion of week 1, familiarize yourself with the forum and check out the junior-level of the learning center. It's been so long, I don't know how or if you can change your name.

JaRoDavis Premium