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Whewww.... doing reviews can be so challenging. And this one was no exception. It not only sucked but was my worst! Yes a couple of weeks ago, I did a review about the EN Blogging Beast! Admittedly this was one of the most difficult reviews that I had ever tried putting together. Why? Because this isn't and wasn't a subject that I was passionate about! Not at all! I did it anyway and reluctantly, I submitted the review for feedback. Obviously how I felt about my review showed in my writing. I
WOW I can't believe it! Sorry to brag. Street Articles Two days ago I thought that I would give street articles a go. And yes 2 of my articles have been published already. Post's still on page 1 My two posts have been on the first page of Google for 2 weeks now. This is a big accomplishment for me but not impossible for anyone else to achieve. Website Changes I also changed the whole theme of my website. What a mess! So still tidying it up a bit. It is a simple looking theme but hey I'm not c
October 15, 2013
May I ask, if we are offering bonuses to traffic that upgrade to the WA Premium Membership within 7 days and those bonuses are already in the Premium Membership anyway, then is it really a bonus? Or are we offering the bonuses that are part of the premium membership to those who join the WA starter membership? I'm talking about what we offer to prospective traffic on our wealthy affiliate review. I'm confused! Ha! Ha! Maybe I have lost the plot! Could someone please clarify. Thanks in advance.
October 14, 2013
Hi everyone I received an email from word press to say that one of my posts was pinged and waiting for my approval! I'm actually laughing right now because it sounds funny! Pinging that is! I've never heard of it and thought I would reach out to the WA community to see if you could tell me what a ping is and should I approve this ping thing! hehe... sorry! Thanks in advance
October 09, 2013
Hi everyone My blog post "Wealthy Affiliate Exposed" is on page 1 of Google. It has taken me 4 months since joining WA for one of my blog posts to hit page 1 and I am really pleased. The follow on from this blog post which is "Avoid Wealthy Affiliate" is still sitting on page 2 of Google and that's okay. I am slowly but surely getting there. And NOW I need to focus on creating quality content, spice up my website a lot more but more importantly learn how to attract traffic. So I still have a l
For weeks I had been searching for my posts and url in google just to see if it had been indexed by google! And yes it was there and on page 1 of google! Was I correct? Yes it was definitely indexed but NOT on page 1! Now please don't think that I am trying to be discouraging in any way or burst your bubble but instead please bare with me particularly if you have had a similar experience! What did I do? I went into google to clear my history I cleared my cache Made sure that I had signed out of
September 04, 2013
The WA community is made of many people from all walks of life, age groups and health challenges! There are also those who believe that their writing skills are not good enough, or those who are finding building an online business too difficult and others suffering from a lack of confidence or discouragement. Now please bare with me while I explain my reason for pointing this out! We are all human beings Each and everyone of us have something to contribute within the WA community even if you mi
July 11, 2013
Hello I had a nice experience just the other day that I wanted to share with you! Usually when I sit down to do my WA training I discipline myself to stay focused to complete the tasks that I need to accomplish for that day! Yeah serious stuff! Anyway I went on a tangent and had a look around the WA classrooms, live video classes and checked out some blogs! I avoid doing this like the plague in the event I get too overwhelmed by the additional information and then my focus suffers as a result.
July 01, 2013
Hi I hope this finds you all well!May I have some help please! I've nearly pulled out all the hair on my head! I have created my "About Patti" "Getting Started" and my "Privacy Policy"page and would like some help as follows if I may: My "About Patti" page in word press is set out okay, however, on my website the same page has a huge gap there. Not sure why or how this occurred or how I can change this! May I also ask if any of the content that I have provided on these pages need alterin
June 28, 2013
HiIt's been over 2 weeks since I joined the WA community! I am really enjoying my journey and just wanted to say, thank you to those "following me" for their warm welcome, encouragement and support! And also others who are in the community who have contributed to my progress, thank you for sharing your experience and words of wisdom!As many of you are aware(via my profile) I had been with Empower Network for over 2 months prior to joining WA.For the duration of those 2 months... I was on