I've lost the plot!

Last Update: October 15, 2013

May I ask, if we are offering bonuses to traffic that upgrade to the WA Premium Membership within 7 days and those bonuses are already in the Premium Membership anyway, then is it really a bonus?

Or are we offering the bonuses that are part of the premium membership to those who join the WA starter membership?

I'm talking about what we offer to prospective traffic on our wealthy affiliate review.

I'm confused! Ha! Ha! Maybe I have lost the plot!

Could someone please clarify.

Thanks in advance.

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skyhigh4 Premium
Oh how embarrassing, told you I'd lost the plot. haha. Thanks for your prompt reply. I dunno... you think I would have known that being a premium member myself!
DarleneJones Premium
no worries :)
DarleneJones Premium
the bonuses come with the premium