WOW! 2 SA articles Published and 2 posts on 1st page Google!!

Last Update: Oct 21, 2013


WOW I can't believe it! Sorry to brag.

Street Articles

Two days ago I thought that I would give street articles a go. And yes 2 of my articles have been published already.

Post's still on page 1

My two posts have been on the first page of Google for 2 weeks now. This is a big accomplishment for me but not impossible for anyone else to achieve.

Website Changes

I also changed the whole theme of my website. What a mess! So still tidying it up a bit. It is a simple looking theme but hey I'm not changing the theme again as it is too much work. For me, anyway.

My Journey

Been with WA nearly 5 months now and honestly I've needed this bit of a boost, because there are days that I feel my effort has all been in vain. I'm sure you have felt the same way at times too.However, I have persisted even when my confidence has been somewhat low!

Anyway, keep up the great effort even when you have self doubts and you will achieve so much more with persistence and patience.


Recent Comments


Congratulations for getting so much done. You're right. Everyone does feel that wasy sometimes. Keep at it.

Hi Beverley. I went into street articles after getting your advice about being able to write about anything. Thanks for your feedback and support!

So awesome! Congrats on your big accomplishments thus far!

Thanks to you and Carson for the wonderful training and the awesome WA community. I would never have thought that I could even get this far. Cheers and thanks heaps!

Very nice! Congrats! :-)

Thank you :)

Two positions on first page is impressive, you gotta be doing something right...

Hi kws123, it's all thanks to the WA training and the support from the community. Thanks for your feedback.


Thank you so much :)

Great job. Hang in there it will get better

Hey Tommy. You have always been there to help and provide encouraging comments and feedback, since I started really! Your a gem.Thank you heaps

Hi Patti, @Johnson is right - nothing is ever in vain. You've been doing great in your five months here, that's not very long, and you've made great strides. Big congrats to you! Cheers!

Hi ChrisDB, The encouragement that I get helps me to stick with it and keep going. So thanks so much, really appreciated! Cheers!

Thanks for that Johnson. Been a long road for me with this whole learning curve but yeah I will keep it up. Appreciate your feedback. Cheers!

Congrats Patti. nothing is ever in vain just keep it up


Thanks so much for that!

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