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Last Update: Jun 28, 2013


It's been over 2 weeks since I joined the WA community! I am really enjoying my journey and just wanted to say, thank you to those "following me" for their warm welcome, encouragement and support! And also others who are in the community who have contributed to my progress, thank you for sharing your experience and words of wisdom!

As many of you are aware(via my profile) I had been with Empower Network for over 2 months prior to joining WA.
For the duration of those 2 months...

  • I was on the computer some days for 10 hours a day, trying to learn how to use word press, add media, links and so forth.
  • And then having to blog every single day
  • Then doing the marketing side of it
This did my head in! Big Time!

Now I am not saying that my inability to quickly grasp the trainings, was any fault of theirs! Some of the newbies had done very well! But personally, I really struggled as a newbie! Plus I was paying quite a considerable amount a month, so I really couldn't afford to lag behind too long with this new learning curve, which was extra pressure that I didn't need!
Anyway I'd had enough!

In conclusion, WA's step by step training and online business opportunity is by far easier to follow, comprehend and better value for money! And I know I'll probably hit a brick wall as I progress further in to my training, so any assistance to climb over the wall would be deeply appreciated. Take care and god bless! All the best in your journey with WA.Thank you

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Well done Patti, a good start is half the journey