Why did you join WA?

Last Update: Sep 5, 2013


The WA community is made of many people from all walks of life, age groups and health challenges! There are also those who believe that their writing skills are not good enough, or those who are finding building an online business too difficult and others suffering from a lack of confidence or discouragement.

Now please bare with me while I explain my reason for pointing this out!

  • We are all human beings

Each and everyone of us have something to contribute within the WA community even if you might think that your contribution is minimal.

  • We all have our challenges

None of us are exempt from the daily pressures and problems that face mankind today. And if you are feeling down, stuck or discouraged just remember that there is always someone else right here in WA that is going through worse than you. And no I am not belittling or minimizing what you might be experiencing please believe me. But knowing that there are others facing challenges and still persevering regardless is a source of encouragement for us to plug on as well!

  • Our goals

We all have our reasons or motivations for joining WA.

  1. Spending more time with family and loved ones may be our main motivation
  2. It might be to create a revenue to be able to save for our retirement or to supplement our income
  3. We might be sick of slaving for a boss or working long hours every day

And there are many more reasons that you can come up with, I'm sure!

Last but by no means least, with persistence and effort, coupled with a heartfelt desire to succeed, may your goals and motives for being here at Wealthy Affiliate become your reality.

Recent Comments


There are definitely GEMS in an amongst WA's community! Some may stand out more than others but still a GEM! Thank you for your encouragement and feedback! When I read your comments it is as though we were having a face to face conversation which is a compliment to your naturalness in expressing how you feel in writing. Fantastic! With this said I am confident that this same expression will come through on your website and online business which is a big PLUS! Good for you! Go for it! Take care and thanks again!

OMGosh, YES!!! You said it all!!! Which is why I say, I am in love with WA. I have been here none stop since I first logged in with amazement and kept going on with site building....Me? who had a 'personal" mentor, who wanted another $5K for the next BIG step....So this is such a great post for all of US @ WA. That is' above'!!!! as you stated.
I think that is want links us together, ~hence the help!!
EACH person I met is a Gem of some sorts..Diamonds!!! Emeralds!!! Rubies!!! Sapphires, and some just pure Gold...
Again loved your post!!!

I know. It's a wonderful place to learn. Community is awesome

It is a great place to learn. And we can go back to the training that we may be stuck on or we just need to refresh our memories. Or should I say my memory needs refreshing often! Ha!Ha! And like you I appreciate this awesome community too! Thanks for your comment!

Yep. Learning someting new or just refresh :)

Yes everyone hang in here to reach your dreams just do not give up!

Hey Tommy! How's things? And you are exactly right! Do not give up on your dreams!!!
Thank you for your comment.

Doing great thank you for asking

I joined WA eons ago because it was recommended to me by a Colleague and I was looking for education to enable me to work from home. I am still here which I think is testament to the enormous breadth and depth of information which is available to us here.

Congrats! I want to plug on in WA for eons just like you as well! Although I've been here in WA for just over 3 months, it feels like eons already lol! Appreciate your comment.

There are many unintended side-effects to WA as well, such as the social interaction that I had not thought about prior to joining, and which I am enjoying a little too much at the expense of doing some real work lol. The balance between the two has to be right and it is something I must confront very soon

Good for you! I don't think I interact enough to be quite honest. But I love the variety of people here and the training that is made available for us to succeed. Thanks for your comment!

I agree with all you are saying, it is a wonderful place to be. Was there a question included?

Hi Trialynn. It is a wonderful place! My intention for putting up this post was to try and encourage people to plug on and if ones wanted to provide their reasons for joining WA this is open to anyone. Thanks for commenting. Take care

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