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Last Update: Jul 1, 2013


Hi I hope this finds you all well!
May I have some help please! I've nearly pulled out all the hair on my head! I have created my "About Patti" "Getting Started" and my "Privacy Policy"page and would like some help as follows if I may:

  • My "About Patti" page in word press is set out okay, however, on my website the same page has a huge gap there. Not sure why or how this occurred or how I can change this!
  • May I also ask if any of the content that I have provided on these pages need altering in any way or a plan to action needs to be added to the pages as well?
My website is:

I feel a bit nervous asking you to view my pages as no one wants to feel "dumb" but, this is the only way I am going to progress is if I ask for assistance! Will prevent too many bald patches as well!

Thank you for your patience and for your help. I am truly am grateful.

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Yay! Sorted out the gap on my website. Thanks heaps

Hi Patti!
Hope you are well. I am fairly new, but just having done everything you are doing, I can help you a little. Make sure you remove the "subtitle" that Wordpress put in on your title page that says "Just Another Wordpress Site". Your "about me" and "get started" content are great. I see someone has helped you with spacing.

I would go and get rid of the "hello world" post/page that Wordpress puts out for you.
If you aren't going to use categories on your side bar, I would remove that.If Wordpress lets you, I would also get rid of the "About Contango" theme on your side bar. Everything else looks great to me When you get all your pages done, you can arrange them the way that you would like for them to show up in your menus across the top. Here's the training to help you with that

You should never feel dumb about questions, that's the only way you will learn. The real experts here can help you and tell you exactly what you need to do. Everybody has to start at the beginning. I didn't have a clue about websites until I started here. Now, I have a fully functioning one with content. Just keep taking the classes and training. Sometimes when I get to a point of not knowing how to do something, Kyle or one of the other great members will post a training. It's just awesome to have the wealth of information that's here.

If I can ever help you, just let me know.

Thanks so much Janrenee. Will do as you have advised. I appreciate the feedback! And congrats on your website. Yippee!

Hi Patti,

I can help you with the 'gap' on your About page. It is a little tricky, but in your WordPress editor you have two options - visual or text. To fix this you will need to use the Text mode. It it a little hard to describe here - but essentially, I think it has to do with the fact that you have the 'image' inside its own 'paragraph' (in HTML terms').

I'll have a play with what you have and give you back something that 'sorts out the gap' that you can just cut-n-paste. Give my 24 hours as I am on the run, and If you haven't got a solution by then I'll send you something.

Other than that, I'll also leave some comments on the rest of what you have done as well!


Thanks excaliba. I appreciate the help very much

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