Empower Network Blogging Beast Review That Sucked

Last Update: Dec 3, 2013


Whewww.... doing reviews can be so challenging. And this one was no exception. It not only sucked but was my worst!

Yes a couple of weeks ago, I did a review about the EN Blogging Beast! Admittedly this was one of the most difficult reviews that I had ever tried putting together.


Because this isn't and wasn't a subject that I was passionate about! Not at all! I did it anyway and reluctantly, I submitted the review for feedback. Obviously how I felt about my review showed in my writing. It lacked "guts." So I wasn't surprised with the feedback that I got! Anyway, I applied the suggestions that I received to make the necessary improvements!

Then what happened?

Ranking on the1st Page of Google

Yes, I thought I'd bite the bullet and look to see where it ranked on Google, if it was ranked at all! I typed "Empower Blogging Beast Attack" "Empower Ready To Attack" and even "Empower Network Attack" and blow me down, all three searches came up on the 1st page! Oh my goodness!

Feedback Important

Asking for feedback can be quite nerve racking or daunting, particularly if you have a tendency to take things personally and to heart! And I know there are members in WA who lack confidence, self esteem or who believe that they are just not good enough. And no this isn't a dig at you or an attack. I know how this feels! Really I do! Nevertheless feedback is very important if we want to make progress. It isn't personal. Nor does it mean that you failed, hopeless or a bad person! It just means that there are areas for improvement! Which brings me back to the main reason for doing this post.

Main Reason For This Post

WA is made up of so many members and from all walks of life and backgrounds. Added to this are different perspectives as well as varying personalities and experience. So we may accept the feedback of those who are straight and without any "sugar coating" Or we may prefer a "sprinkling with sugar if not "the whole bag of sugar" if you get what I mean! This is just how it is and how we are as individuals.

With that said, if you were to take anything from this post, know this, that the members in WA mean well and do genuinely want you to succeed. And there intent when providing feedback is to help you to improve so that you CAN succeed, whether it is feedback about your content, website or questions that you might have! Well this is what I have learned and experienced!


My Empower Network Blogging Beast Review did suck. I'll be the first to admit this! But with the feedback and applying what was suggested, it is now on the 1st page of Google. Thanks to you!

My final words then is to encourage you to submit your work to get feedback, even if you feel apprehensive or think that it isn't your best.

And just remember that we all need the support and feedback from others to help us in areas where improvement is necessary! And when you do achieve rankings on Google, this could not only be a boost in traffic and/or create sales but a wonderful boost in your confidence.

Take care and all the very best in your success :)

Recent Comments


How cool that is! Great post!

That's awesomely encouraging :)

Awesome Job congrats.

Congratulations! I realized after trashing some websites that they were probably better than the ones I didn't trash because they were me. It comes down to insecurity. I was afraid they were so bad people would laugh so I trashed them. Dumb. We should never let insecurities get in our way. I said that to me, by the way.

You are probably right ya know. Insecurities and wondering what people might think...
And I agree that we shouldn't allow this to get in our way. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Appreciated :) Patti

Thank you for this advice - it maybe useful one day.

Fantastic! I sure love hear good news!

Suck it up and put it out there, at least at WA, the reviews are friendly and helpful.

Hi Tria. Nice to have you back! And yep dead right!

Thanks, I sure missed all of you, but that amazing little face staring at me was very distracting. Don't quite get how a grandma falls in love so fast!!

It can be frightening to put your site up for review but like you note, the benefits are huge. WA is a safe place to learn and then go do. I just posted one of my posts for the Boot Camp training and already received a great suggestion that I implement. Thanks for sharing this great success story.

Say that again Rick it is quite frightening. And good on you for implementing the suggestions given. I am the same. Thanks for your encouragement. Cheers :)

well done mate,, upwards an onwards

Thanks for that :)

oups forgot to say congrats to you ;)

I don't what's going on. My last posts are not ranking at all.

Has to be ranking somewhere? Are you sure?

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