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Last Update: July 11, 2013


I had a nice experience just the other day that I wanted to share with you!

Usually when I sit down to do my WA training I discipline myself to stay focused to complete the tasks that I need to accomplish for that day! Yeah serious stuff!

Anyway I went on a tangent and had a look around the WA classrooms, live video classes and checked out some blogs! I avoid doing this like the plague in the event I get too overwhelmed by the additional information and then my focus suffers as a result.

What happened?

Yes I was overwhelmed ha! ha! That will teach me try to walk before I learn to crawl. But what I also did was check out 4 other peoples blogs,commented on them(and this is the nice part) and now they have joined my network. Nice aye! There are some really lovely people here.

Next time I feel the urge to go on a tangent, I'll avoid the video classes and additional training that I am not yet ready for and I'll just comment on peoples blogs instead! Cheers!

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latesunga Premium
lol, that's what I've been doing for the last hour - but it's nice getting to know everyone :)
skyhigh4 Premium
Thanks Betcha I appreciate your support and encouragement!
betcha Premium
Hi, Patti. I do this most of the time and I find pleasure in doing so. Reading other people's blogs, discussions, comments, and forums gives a little variation to me. It's just like taking a break from the monotony of the classroom...a chat with your classmates will relax us a bit, or reading their assignments will give us additional knowledge or some encouragement. I believe interacting with one another is the fun part here and it will make us enjoy what we are doing here as we go along building our online business. So, here's a toast to a great time here at WA! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!
janrenee Premium
It can get overwhelming because there's so much information here. I try and do the same as you and stay focused, but sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me!
tommydillard Premium
This is a wonderful place full of helpful people!