I've been pinged!

Last Update: Oct 14, 2013


Hi everyone

I received an email from word press to say that one of my posts was pinged and waiting for my approval!

I'm actually laughing right now because it sounds funny! Pinging that is!

I've never heard of it and thought I would reach out to the WA community to see if you could tell me what a ping is and should I approve this ping thing! hehe... sorry!

Thanks in advance

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Yeah I got one. Some of what was written made sense, a few words not. So I deleted it to be safe. Thought I'd better find out what the heck a pingback was before I approved one.

Same. And still learning what a ping back is! ;)

Wow. Okay so being pinged can be a good thing? This is all new to me. Thanks for your feedback Wealthy Happy. Appreciated.

As far as I know having some one you know link back to your site is a good thing. I am sure I will be corrected if its not :) I am not thinking about any increase in rank from backlinking but as it being a source of genuine traffic from a niche related site.

I review graphic novels so if I get any links from a local publisher or a writers home page I am happy to take those links.

I have also been pinged twice. But is it dangerous in any way to have them approved and keep them? The first pingback I got from a friend here at WA that did so my page went up at the top off google for the keyword... scam free online business which is the name on my site.

I'm with Alan, I always delete them. :) http://codex.wordpress.org/Introduction_to_Blogging#Pingbacks Rich.

Thanks RICH for the link. Great information. In the event this happens again I have bookmarked for future reference. Cheers!

Thanks for the link Rich.

It's always good to ask, that is exactly what the community is for and why it is so valuable a resource

That is so true Hudson, I agree! I actually couldn't do without the WA community support!

A ping is someone linking back to your site to the post in question, I had a few of these surprise me a while back. They can happen when you make internal links. I also had one from a questionable source so I didn't approve it. Nice to have someone linking back to your site but if you can't tell who it is then best to bin it.

Thank you so much Josh for the prompt reply. I will bin it then. Cheers bro!

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