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Last Update: December 10, 2016

Of late, I have been tinkering around with Amazon products placement on my site, and as easy as it may be to some, I found it really rather difficult to begin with. Now, I was actually considering doing some training on this subject but I have no idea whether it is needed or is everyone already OK with this?

The kind of training that I am referring to is to put something like this on your site!

You make a clickable image of the product and back that up with a link to the product too, any takers lol?

Please comment letting me know?

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Toshmack Premium
Good luck to you, go for it :)
GautamWorld Premium
Sounds good, Simon.
bigrog44 Premium
Great idea, Simon.
AlexEvans Premium
Go for it Simon everyone brings something and different perspectives.
StepChook Premium
Hey mate! It's a great idea for sure. Are you proposing anything different from, say, this training from Labman?
Simowatto Premium
hhhmm not really but it would be a little easier :)