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Last Update: December 10, 2016

Of late, I have been tinkering around with Amazon products placement on my site, and as easy as it may be to some, I found it really rather difficult to begin with. Now, I was actually considering doing some training on this subject but I have no idea whether it is needed or is everyone already OK with this?

The kind of training that I am referring to is to put something like this on your site!

You make a clickable image of the product and back that up with a link to the product too, any takers lol?

Please comment letting me know?

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MoritzS Premium
Jenna7 Premium
I agree, a training for this would be awesome. ;)
DarleneB Premium
I think that would be great.
gifted76 Premium
As an associate I also share music I listen to through Amazon Prime from the app via the share button and you can earn from that as well. A training would be good as there is so much you can do to earn with Amazon.
MKearns Premium
Amazon is a central powerhouse and as such any raining that involves it is invaluable!
Internetgranny Premium
If you think you can explain it clearly, especially concentrating on the bits you found difficult yourself, then it's worth doing. It's often just one little thing that we don't quite understand, and if someone puts it into different words or shows a different picture, it can suddenly become clear.
kasage00 Premium
Looks good!
Karax Premium
It looks pretty good to me. go for it :)
Toshmack Premium
Good luck to you, go for it :)
GautamWorld Premium
Sounds good, Simon.
bigrog44 Premium
Great idea, Simon.
AlexEvans Premium
Go for it Simon everyone brings something and different perspectives.
StepChook Premium
Hey mate! It's a great idea for sure. Are you proposing anything different from, say, this training from Labman?
Simowatto Premium
hhhmm not really but it would be a little easier :)