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Listen up guys and girlies, I had an amazing logo done, wooo check it out by going to my profile and clicking on the whatisweightloss link. Inform of your thoughts on it please. It was done right here by a fellow member, is it not amazing?I had to settle for my own one before this custom design was made for me. You sure could tell as I have ZERO design experience and to be honest, no real interest in to do it either, although I did know this, I needed one doing to set the site up beautifully an
Hey there guys and girls. This is going to be a super short post about something that my external mentor gave me. is an amazing AMAZING website that will add benefits to the WA training. In particular, I like hearing about the stats of different social media platforms. NOW, it is a paid for course thing BUT you do not have to pay for any of it if you just "Audit" each lesson.Click enrol on the course and click "AUDIT" and there the lessons will be!Although they will not be as d
Hint - Upcoming TipWell now, I have uncovered what is FOR ME a really easy way to do semantic indexing (or LSI ) for short.In case you do not know LSI is, it stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Basically what this means is that it is best to have words with in your content THAT although different from the keywords, they mean the same thing as them, ie - Overweight and heavy, you get me?It tells the search engine the relevance of your post and also confirms just what it is about!It is so simpl
January 01, 2017
Yes, I have been here two whole years, well + 1.5 months, and now I am relaxed at last. Why is that Simon you may wonder?Well, I have found a mentor whom I have been working with this month and given the results that have occurred, I shall make sure I am with him for a long time.My keywords have increased by 1250 and my traffic has risen to this from a dismal 62 in just 3 weeks and 2 days. BRILLIANT I thinkAlso my trust factor has risen as well as my citation flow too.Just had to share this wit
December 10, 2016
Of late, I have been tinkering around with Amazon products placement on my site, and as easy as it may be to some, I found it really rather difficult to begin with. Now, I was actually considering doing some training on this subject but I have no idea whether it is needed or is everyone already OK with this?The kind of training that I am referring to is to put something like this on your site!You make a clickable image of the product and back that up with a link to the product too, any takers l
December 02, 2016
Yesterday I got my first REAL commission. Up until now I have only received 80c to $2 and a bit , but yesterday, I received a commission of 14 $$$$$$$$$$$$$ so I feel like a winner. This goes out to any newbies that are having any doubts about this program, DO NOT. IT REALLY DOES WORK. NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER. I have been reliably informed that the reason I am so slow, is because I chose a very VERY competitive niche in the weight loss niche lol. Still onwards and upwards I hope!
Oh guys what a hassle, If I were you I wouldn't change hosts. EVER, Seriously, I've gone through it all, but not as bad as one of my friends who I made here, I'll explain.....Basically, I swapped host to an external one as my site was slow. I thought to heck with spending the money, I need it. But, what was supposedly meant to be a really simple process was anything but!!!!At first everything was going well, the company basically informed me that I needed to contact the place where I bought my
Hi guys and girls, this is only going to be a short blog, but you should definitely check out these awesome tool for social media. This email, I received about 15-20 minutes ago. I read it for the most part and just KNEW that it had to be shared. There's info on it about Twitter, Facebook and this one, Pinterest. The tools you can use to increase both TRAFFIC and ENGAGEMENT.Read it guys and let me know your thoughts on it. info on Twitter
November 16, 2016
Well, what can I say! I am experiencing a major hassle at the moment. I am attempting to get hosting elsewhere with a company some of you may have heard of - Siteground. At the moment my site is in limbo-land and it has been a day already. I awoke this morning expecting the transfer to have completed successfully, but, as luck would have it it hasn't. I have just spent 3 hours on live chat with them and the end result - WA is meant to be blocking them from the transfer. So, I contacted support
November 11, 2016
I cannot believe it, wow, it has been two years on Monday since I joined this awesome platform that is Wealthy Affiliate. The time has flown by so quickly it is almost surreal. Although I have not had a GREAT deal of success, I know that it is down to my VERY competitive niche.The very very competitive weight loss niche.That said, My site and its 215 posts is bloomin coming along brilliantly, I think lol. I have done nearly 20 post in the last 30 days and have 29 page one's now, so I am lookin