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WARNING: While this technique of uploading an image from Amazon and using the text link will still work, Amazon's TOS says it is unacceptable and they will ban accounts using this technique.

So, you are limited to using the image link in the SiteStripe.

Don't get banned do it the way they recommend.

Sadly, unless you take your own image of a product this means that adblockers will block your image. You will want to provide a way for a text link to work if this happens.(When it happens)


Amazon won't work for everyone in the States. Certain States have implemented what is called a Nexus Law. In these States you can purchase Amazon products but Affiliates are excluded. I believe some of these States are Colorado, the Carolinas and Georgia. Things might have changed so check to see if you live in an excluded State when you sign-up for Amazon.

In this training I cover:

  • How to add an image to your post
  • How to align your image
  • Where to sign-up for Amazon
  • How to grab an image from Amazon
  • How to link an image to Amazon
  • How to insert an Amazon Image
  • What happens when you encounter an Ad-Blocker

Note: In this tutorial I place an Image and an Amazon Image on the same page to demostrate how to do each. You will want to use the Amazon Image. Amazon's changed TOS prohibits the use of an uploaded Amazon Image (you can still use an image from elsewhere if you desire).

I hope you enjoy this and that it answers the questions that you may have.

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carova Premium
Ok, Here's what I'm trying to do. I have written a review of a product relative to my niche .I have found the product on Amazon.I am trying to link the amazon buying info to my review content. That is where I'm having difficulty, At this point since I'm new I can fine tune everything else later as I get more comfortable, right now that's where I'm at.
Jaclow Premium
HI Labman, just gone thru yr video training on Amazon Links. Its very helpful, I have 1 question.
If I use Image+Text for the Amazon link in my webpage, will some one(visitor to my webpage) that have Ad Block be able to see the Image+Text ? or only blank page
Labman Premium Plus
using the image+text link will not show when an ad blocker is in use.
AlohaMelani Premium
What a great tutorial! This prompted me to go to my Amazon Associates page only to find out it was closed for not using it (I've had it since 2013). I ended up creating a new one and I hope to put it to good use...especially after all I've learned from you, Craig!

I also just activated SiteStripe. Huge time saver!

JeanClaudeK Premium
Hi @Labman,
Thank for the training for Amazon link.But i have another issue with Amazon:
When i try to create my amazon'affiliate associated account in order to have an ID and use it with my differents websites,which all have amazon's stores,while i reach the step of verification,it reject my phone's number,saying that: " amazon is prohibiting to call this number try other differents phone's numbers'' And when i try others phone's numbers ,i receive the same message.However the first phone number i used is the same i first used to create my primary simple costomer account.And my Country is not prohibiting from amazon.It's a big problem for me to move ahead ,i even write to their support two time but so far,no solution....Please i need a help from you if someone can know what to do,tells me how to proceed?


Paul1916 Premium
Thanks Labman for the updated version. Much appreciated!

If you get the time, would you also be able to create any training in creating astores on a website? Some of the research I have done so far on astores is quite old and a new updated version would be greatly appreciated!
If not, don't worry about it...
Thanks in advance if possible,
Labman Premium Plus
I've never been a huge fan of AStores. They have a low conversion in general but 1 is more than none I guess.