Upselling Products - Your Thoughts on After you "Buy In"

Last Update: October 17, 2018

I would love to get a bit more light shed on the upselling products technique. Not that I like that concept at all, but the fact that I see soooooo much of this as I review dodgy Products online.

What I want to know is:

I buy a product that is going to earn me up to $519 a day after I spend 27 minutes setting it up and clicking here and clicking there (actually 17 clicks) and I am up and running.

And this "Product" priced at $47 has come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

And now I am potentially going to profit all this money using this product I found on Clickbank.



And hypothetically here;

I see the sales video and they tell me their sob story of how they were broke and now a month or so later they are having over $519 days and beyond. And all because of this awesome product they now use and that they have found a secret weird trick that when they click here and over there, copius amounts of money floods into their paypal account!

I am broke and I have a sob story too, and if in a months time this will do the same thing for me then I am all in!

So in I go, and after I purchased the initial $47 product, I am introduced to a $97 product that is going to fast track me to setting my business up... ( I am new and I need help)

So I buy that $97 product and then I click again and there is another $197 product that promises to show me all the latest social media and marketing strategies - that will help me with the $47 product and $97 I just bought...

And again I buy in.

All of them.

And in my in my mind I think, "I really resonate with his story and if he says that these other tools are needed, then that is what I need...."

So my question is.

What does the 60 day money back guarantee cover?

Is it the intial product I joined for $47?

Or do they have money back guarantees on all the other offers/upsells as you are enticed in?

So my question to you is?

Have you bought into one of these over hyped programs or systems, been offered upsells then decided it wasn't for you.

And did you get your MONEY BACK on just the first sale?

Or the upsells as well?

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MichalB Premium
It’s been already 2 years but I did signed up pretty much for something like you describe.

Only to me, I stopped right at the 1st “upsells gate” - I just hate it. It’s not honest.
You are told one thing and you are promised something. But then once you in, you have to buy bunch of other stuff too...

So initially I bought this $47 product (plus Tax) and I wanted to know what is inside. Once I found out that I need to pay additional fee, I just backed off.

My biggest worry was that they were gonna keep charging me but fortunately they had not touched my credit card account.
Although I did lose the 1 month fee (47+Tax)

It seems like a common practice in many online courses…

shazzaWA Premium
See there you go - how many like you didn't get a refund on the first product. 100 sales like that (and people then wanting their money back and not getting it!) - the product creator has then made themselves $4,700. See this is where these people scam you!!!

You must be glad you are here now Mike! Thanks for sharing.
Eli47 Premium
That's quite odd to buy all of the offers. I'm not that type but I've read this advice once as well, to buy and try and return using the money back guarantee.

I think you better be careful and not buy everything.
shazzaWA Premium
No I am not, I was just asking. But I must say I have gone down the path of upsells and bought things that were crap basically!
Lesson learned. Thanks for your comments Eli.
apache1 Premium
I have had that before I joined WA similar deal buy for $47 then once you are in they upsell for the next price of $197 again another upsell to about $400 odd dollars.

I did get a refund back after I paid the second one of $197 on one product then looked around elsewhere, but I also found another one advertising for again $47 but if I decided to opt out I would get that don't leave message then get a special offer for $27 I found if I opt out again another message of wait now it offered the program for $8 so I opt out once more then the next message stated Ok fine you can have it for free.

The last one was some guy driving a Lamborghini (more like a rented one for his promos). No thanks (by the way, both were on Clickbank)
shazzaWA Premium
LOL how funny, you can now have it for free... I haven't had that before. Shows how little value some of these products are.

So much misleading info in the sales videos too and you are probably right, a rented Lamborghini! Thanks for your comments Andrej.
apache1 Premium
No probs the funny thing was they say with each upgrade if you want to be like the millionaires this package will get you there however once you upgrade then they go to say what settle like the millionaires when you can get richer and so on.
Glad I stopped looking into that shiny object and found WA.

Enjoy the rest of your week
Howardc Premium
Hi Shazza,
Spent several years and lots of money chasing these "get rich with only thirty minutes per day. So far none of them have been good.
Perhaps my being technologically challenged plays an important role in my lack of success. I'd find myself close to realizing some success, but then there would always be a step I couldn't master.
Since you are here at WA, you have the training to pursue any market or product on the web. You can build a website that rocks, and you can find out how to make it profitable.
If I can offer a bit of advice, stick with the plan at WA. Learn the techniques and then you will be have the knowledge to upsell any product on the web if that is your goal.

H Coffey
shazzaWA Premium
Gidday Howard, I was just asking about product returns that was all. I have been with WA nearly 2 years so I know what I have here and just loving my journey. And yes, I am learning everyday from here. Thanks for your comments today.
Cheers, Sharon
BenjisDad Premium Plus
I’m sure we all have. And I’ve gotten money back on each one.

Buts it’s the lay of the land. You can’t watch an infomercial without being offered 5 upsells.

Most companies lose money on front end offers and have to recoup it in the backend.

McDonald's has a dollar menu, that's is there front end offer. Once you are in the store, the question is, do you want to super size or buy something else.

Stores have sales on items to get you into the store. And hope that you buy other higher prices stuff.

I see what you are saying, it honestly, upsells are a common practice in business in general.

It's up to the consumer to SAY NO. if you can't afford it, don't buy it.

Since online already has a "scammy look" to most people, upsells seem like the devil, when it is just business.

As long as the value is there in the products being sold, an upsells is justified.
shazzaWA Premium
Love your comments Chris and you are so right on everything here. And the very last thing you said, as long as the value is there in the products an upsell is justified. Thanks for you share!