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Out with the old and in with the new... Well sort of..?!I am back finally into writing consistent content as I had been very slack last year. My pity party lasted a while but it gets boring just looking on and doing nothing - I had to get back to doing what I came here for.And that is making a good income online - and truly enjoying what I love the most. Creating content - I just love it - writing and creating images for my site.But I do want to go over my old posts and give them some love - an
That statement pretty much reflects how my year with Wealthy Affiliate has been. And not because of WA but because of what I have done with my business here. These guys have supplied every tool possible for me to create my own lucrative business. But my effort - or lack there of - has been poor to say the least. And I am over it. I am over not putting in the time and effort to build my online business. It is time to set realistic goals, and back it up with an actionable plan to get to my goal
November 10, 2018
I do not know WTF has happened with my site.It looks like it has flatlined and dropped off the internet sphere...It looks like at Nov 7th it took one last breath then flatlined.....!!!Why on earth could this be happening?I have never had big numbers in my visitors even when I was getting a good referral flow. I ranged around 100 daily visitors and then for a good 6-8 months Feb-Sept this year I barely did anything on it. (Maybe I am reaping the reward (NOT) for that!)But the last few months I
When I joined Wealthy Affiliate I thought I knew WHAT I was getting into.It was FREE to check out to see what this platform was about which was good.It came with 2 free websites, that seemed pretty fair.I knew what I would be paying... so NO surprises there.They seemed to be transparent and what it said on the sales page is apparently what I got...Well HERE is my RANT. They are not as TRANSPARENT as they make out.Because what I have gotten here is WAAAAAYYYY more than I could ever imagine.The
I hope you like my Vision board :)))This project I am taking on is pure inspiration from Jerry @jerryhuang, Grace @littlemama and Christina @cld111 (who is on the same journey as me.. Vegas 2020!). Of course there are many others including Vitaliy @VitaliyG (whom I was thrilled to find WA with), however these guys are the ones I read about and who share success stories the most.My Goal since I started here late Nov 2016 was to just get a profitable website running but more importantly have a b
I would love to get a bit more light shed on the upselling products technique. Not that I like that concept at all, but the fact that I see soooooo much of this as I review dodgy Products online.What I want to know is:I buy a product that is going to earn me up to $519 a day after I spend 27 minutes setting it up and clicking here and clicking there (actually 17 clicks) and I am up and running.And this "Product" priced at $47 has come with a 60-day money back guarantee.And now I am potentially
I was just reading another WA member's post @DomW and his Successful 6 years here. And had this HUGE realisation of how just being consistent, (how little I have done this year) but having patience is just so key in online business.Here, let me explain. I will have been here 2 years at the end of Nov this year. For the first year to 14 months I was just going for it, to the tune of 3 posts a week for a good six months of that time. Which to some, isn't much, as I see people blog 5 to 7 days
I am quite thrilled with my % of sign ups v's the amount of referrals who have come in as starter members in the past 2 weeks.I have been here at WA for well over a year now. My website was gaining momentum towards the end of last year and early this year. I wasn't getting heaps of traffic - not even 100 visitors a day however, it was on the increase. I went from consistent posting of 3 blog posts a week to virtually none for Feb/Mar/Apr this year (due to personal stuff going on) which meant my
Can someone give me an idea or advice on what I am doing incorrectly with FETCH AS Google feature. As you can see in image, it used to fetch as correctly and gave me a tick and Complete result but now it is giving me some type of Redirected message. (And as you can see I tried several times to no avail!)I am doing exactly as Jay instructed to do. Fetch and state not a robot, submit just this url etc.Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to fix it?Thanks for checking it out and
A year ago on Nov 30th I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I was done with online businesses, almost burnt out and over the crap that seemed to be included when you were part of an MLM.I can honestly say in the past 12 months I have learned so much about building websites, and getting found on Google - for such a minimal cost - than ANYTHING I have been part of. And I was in quite a good system prior to this, but there were too many egos, too many upsells and they really did not have the in depth