Some Newbie Advice I wish I had - Veterans pop in with additional advice :

Last Update: February 28, 2016

This is LONG I know and I'm sorry - but I think it's a pretty good read for newbies or those people struggling.

Please give this article a chance - READ IT!!

I have been wanting to write this blog for sometime now but I keep putting it off and don't even know why - because I say the same thing over and over again when I help out newbies or those struggling - so I thought I would compile some advice I wish I had when I first started or when I was struggling - and hey all you veterans out there - add to the stack of advice - let's help out all that we can to get others started off on the right foot!

First of all WELCOME to WA - I hope you are Premium - if you aren't that is my first bit of advise - go premium - you won't regret it - there is just SO much more training, so much more support, just so much more everything - it's not a decision you will ever regret. GO PREMIUM!! Definitely :)

WA is NOT a scam - it is a true online university that trains us on how to create our own online business - the work is up to us - they just give us the tools we need to shine!! If you ever have any doubt about WA's integrity check us out in Google scam alerts and see what you find - nothing but positive feedback - check the BBB - although WA is not accredited with the BBB we still rank a B+ check it out for yourself. This is a TRUE business opportunity - how far you go is completely up to you!!

OK so here are some highlight points of advice...

First question always asked right out of the box - will I make money at this? Well, that is all up to you - we have tremendous success stories here on WA about people and how financially successful they are - look it up in the white bar at the top of this page. So YES - you can and you WILL earn money at this as long as you are dedicated, work hard, stay focused, and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! We are not in a race here - so maybe it takes you a bit longer than others - that's ok - you will get there as long as you persevere!!

Always do your lessons with integrity. Listen to the whole thing, complete the tasks, and participate when asked, and don't skip anything - you might just learn ONE thing in that lesson that you skipped that you may need in the future.

Participate in the community - this helps your rank - it doesn't do anything for you financially - it simply demonstrates that you participate within the WA community - and you earn the blue badge of honor as you progress - so stay involved - and believe me - when you read/participate in feeds you will learn A LOT!! However, don't let the community suck you in for hours like Facebook does - you will never get any work done on your website. So always remember website FIRST, social SECOND but don't forget to stay involved.

Do everything you can through WA - they offer everything from websites, to web hosting, to keyword searching, Email, and SO much more. Keep it in the family - it will be easier on you in the long run. BTW - Jaaxy IS owned by Kyle and Carson - so if you join you are still keeping it in the family.

Don't jump ahead of your lessons and go rogue on your website - take it from me, it's a bad idea - you will have to go back and do A LOT of editing. Just take it step by step and follow Kyle's proven plan of success and you will also achieve success - jumping ahead will only take you longer overall. If you haven't learned properly how to do something DON'T DO IT!!. I admit I did this - and I regretted it - I had a LOT of changes to make when I did hit that training. Keep up with Kyle and follow what he says when he says it!!

ASK lots and lots of questions - our community is awesome and there is always someone there to help you out - but you won't get that help if you don't ASK!! You can ask the whole community by using the white bar at the top of this page or you can create relationships when you are involved in the community and pick specific mentors that you connect with. They will help you every way they can.

Work on only ONE website at a time - don't try and do two. It will be VERY time consuming and neither one will probably get the attention you need to give to it. Complete one - learn from it - get it finished to where you are just doing upkeep then move on to an additional site if you so desire. Unless you are a techy - then you can probably manage it - I know I can't!!

Picking your website theme - I wish SO bad that I had this one little piece of advice when I first started. I'm a stupid girl - I simply went with the website them that I thought was "pretty" no one advised me on functionality. Have your niche in mind and how you want your site to function in mind when you pick your website theme. RESEARCH that theme, read all about it, preview it, picture your niche and your desired set up on that theme, decide if it will work for you. It took me 4 different themes to finally settle on one that works the way I want it to. Just because someone else really likes a theme they are using doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you - Just DO YOUR RESEARCH on your theme before you pick it - it will save you time and and a really big headache.

Picking your niche - If you want to promote WA that is AWESOME - go through the Affiliate Bootcamp and get it ready set to go. If you have something else in mind be sure that you know your niche, you are well informed about your niche products, that you can speak on your products with confidence and knowledge, and that you have researched your niches capacity to earn revenue. You can look this up on Google real easily. You can see trends for at least a decade on certain products. And KISS - Keep It Simple S... don't be too broad - focus your niche to a specific theme/product - Kyle speaks a lot on this in his opening lessons - but I had to add my 2 cents just to get you thinking.

Now you have picked a niche and a website and it's time to start building - DON'T worry about the Askimet thing - we don't use that anymore - we use WA SpamShield instead - we always get questions on this one - so if you know this up front you don't have to ask!!

Do your About Me page & Your Privacy Page get them posted and get feedback. Remember, you want your content long - start practicing this with your About Me page. No less than 350 words. Ultimately you will be creating content on your pages that range from 1400 to 2000+ words (Google LOVES long content pages). Don't forget the picture on your About Me page :)

When writing content you can NOT copy and paste - the content must be original and must be your own.

Keep people on your website - don't link outside your website for articles or such - keep the links inside your website. And when you do link outside your website to an affiliate page/product be sure that you click the box "open in a new window" so that your page is always there for your consumers to quickly get back to.

Add lots and lots of pictures - people love visuals!! Understand the copyright laws on posting pics. Be very VERY careful with this one!! Create your own videos and post them - have fun when creating your content and make it appealing to the readers.

Last think I promise - then other community members can add to the list - Please have people look at your pages as you create them - take feedback as a genuine gift of help. You need a fresh set of eyes to check your spelling (especially if English is not your native language), to help you edit wording, to catch your spacing, to advise you on sub-headers, etc...etc... Avoid slang, avoid foul language, and no nudity or pornography! You want your content to flow and to "look pretty" as well. Find a good mentor that is a good writer and I promise you they won't care if you ask them to preview EVERY single page you create - We ALL want you to be successful, and WE all want to be successful - the only way to do this is to work together!! We are a community and we are family here at WA - take advantage of that!!

If I can ever help you in any way - please just ask - you can PM me or you can go to my profile page - I am on here every day - and I am happy to help you any way I can. If I don't know the answer I promise I will find someone who does!! I'm still learning too :)

Best wishes and Happy Building - To your success and to ours!


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jimisan Premium
Thank you for the kind advice.....
hadams Premium
Wow, what a great tutorial! You've listed the best main points of what I've learned here so far. Thanks from a newbie!
Heather :)
RaeAnnePond Premium
This was a great post Shannon, thanks! I have been having questions lately about Jaaxy so it's really good to know Kyle and Carson own it. I had no clue. Thanks for that tidbit of information as well.
foodking Premium
Good read, Shannon. I just asked a question today that you wrote about. I have a affiliated link on my website and it close my page to get to the link. you said click on the box to "open a new window". Where is that at? Thanks again for the read.
foodking Premium
Shannon........disregard my question. I found it!!!
ShannonSB Premium
When you click on the little chain link thing at the top of your editing page it will pull up your URL box - right below the URL is a little box - be sure that is clicked on EVERY page you create - you don't want people leaving your site and forgetting how to get back. Let me know if you need a screen shot if you don't find it.
foodking Premium
I found it about an hour after I asked you the question. Thankfully I only had this problem on one post. Thanks for the read again!!!
Tim1953 Premium
Thanks Shannon
I feel pretty normal now
ShannonSB Premium
LOL :)
Tim1953 Premium
What can say but I agree entirely