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I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. Retired from computer servicing industry in Dec2015 and now venturing into Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing to supplement my income.

Married to my beautiful wife (Doremi Lodunga) and have 4 children. First 2 are daughters and last 2 are boys. Eldest daughter currently on her own business, 2nd daughter married (with 1 grandaughter), 3rd son still studying his Diploma Civil Eng. course to be completed sometime in Nov2016 and 4th son now studying in the secondary school. All my children are great and lovely people.

Spent most of my time looking for money in order to look after my family members and because of this I guess I missed lots of fatherly love & moments with my children.

Got myself involved in Internet Marketing sometime in 2008 but due to not having a good mentor I discarded the idea until lately where I joined WA out of curiosity. I only went for the premium during the last 2 hours. I guess there're lots of activites, sharings and cherishable members in WA who're willing to offer their kind assistance to those in need. And these factors really attracted my attention to join WA.
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Money Goals
1. 5000 per month
2. 10,000 per month
3. 5 days 5 - 8 hours online
Money I would be happy earning
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Dec 19, 2016
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jimisan Premium
1. 5000 per month
2. 10,000 per month
3. 5 days 5 - 8 hours online
Carson Premium Plus
Awesome goals Jimi!!

Now that you have goals to work towards you are going to be able to really focus on the training. Take action on what you learn and the lessons will take you towards achieving your goals.

I look forward to working with you and having you as an active part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.


Jason T Premium
Awesome Goals, remember to follow the training as it is laid out. Jumping around will only frustrate you. Also remember that you are part of a community now and we all help each other. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask. The community here is awesome. I've been here a couple years now and still use the community for help.
Best wishes
Derek101 Premium
Your 'jumping around' comment struck a chord Jason. I've always tended to run before I can walk, and have wasted many an hour here doing just that... NOT any more though; I learned that lesson a fortnight ago.

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks eh? lol -)
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lillakiara Premium
Hi, welcome to WA and thanks for the follow. Wishing you great success, Kristina
Tim1953 Premium
Hello Jimisan
Thank you for the follow
Right back at you :)
demarsd Premium
Welcome Jim, good luck, Dave
rodeves Premium
Hi Jamisan, Thank you for following me. I am following you back. All the best.
karell Premium
Hello, Jim, thank you for the following, I wish you the best in Wealthy Affiliate.