Wordpress mini-series?!?

Last Update: Oct 20, 2014


Do you have any simple concerns about WORDPRESS?!? I would be HAPPY TO HELP...

If there are questions you've got about working with Wordpress, please feel free to list your concerns below and I will try to organize the STEPS with its associated SCREENSHOT on how to get it done. And I've got the whole WA community with me, right? :D

I am not promising anything but I will try my very best to come up with something to help a comrade to be confident in conquering the online challenges. I believe this will give me a lot of confidence too that there are people around the world who are working as ONE - FOR A BETTER WORLD!

This is one of the many ways I am hoping I can help the community going forward.


All the best,


Recent Comments


Thank you, greatly appreciated. :))

Thanks Kim!

Thanks for your kind gesture, Jhen!

Thanks Ade!

Appreciated ~ I'll be sure to get back to you

Thanks Gwen! All the best, Jhen

Awesome, thank you. :)

Thanks Kathy!

Jhen, you are awesome and such a darling, sister. This is what I meant, a true friend indeed. :)

I am good in other internet stuff but i am not good technically especially on ftp, etc. As such,

I Will Be Back. Ha, ha .. :)

Jewel Carol

Sure, sister Carol! I am just here. Cheers, Jhen

Thanks for the kind offer. I will ask for your help some day.

Thanks much!

Jhen, you are a joy to know. Your offer to lend your advice on WP, makes you a treasure beyond worth. Every day, I hope that todays lessons will unlock part of the riddle that WP is for me.

I am going to take you up on your offer, but I hesitate to abuse it. So, I'm going to wait and remember your offer, until I've been through the lessons, and then ask for your insight.

Thanks In Advance (TIA)

Thanks Phil! I am just here, just feel free to pop me a message. Cheers, Jhen

Thank you for your offer of help. It is much appreciated and may be used in the future. You are an awesome person to have in this community! WA's community is so great because of the people like you who are willing to help others. Thank you again!

Thanks Melanie! Appreciate much the complement.

Thank you so much for your help. I am sure I will need it soon :)

Thanks Linda! I am just a message away. :)

Jhen may not be promising anything, but. . . . she has done this for me several times and, I'm telling you, she KNOWS her stuff! You should take her up on her offer if you have any WP concerns. JHEN ROCKS!!!

WOW, coming from DA BOMB Carla - this is so flattering! Thanks, my dear friend. All the best, Jhen

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