How to Display the Blog Excerpts and Set the Intended No. of Posts Per Page in a Blog Roll

Last Update: Oct 17, 2014


This is in response to questions pertaining to displaying blog excerpts and setting the intended no. of posts per page to be displayed in a blog roll.

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  1. Go to Settings>>Reading
  2. Tick on Summary in line with For each article in a feed, show
  3. Set the intended no. of post to be displayed in Blog pages show at most. In maintaining a much neater feel, this can be set up to 10 posts per page display only.
  4. Click Save Changes.


Hope this helps.

All the best,


Recent Comments


Hi Jhen..could you help me out with my theme - zee minty?I tried, it shows the full articles..thanks in advance

I am using the hemmingway theme and have checked the box as you said but it doesnt seem to be working.. :(

Hi Phil, yes it is not working on some themes. I will try to play on a workaround for your theme, then. Keep you posted! Cheers!

all good, I just use the "more" button in the text editor, much better as you can put it where you want :) Thank you though!

That's great, all the best in your Cheap Organic World website. Cheers!

I checked summary, but it's not working for me :(

Hi Martina, One of the themes, we've tried that the summary is not working is on the Twenty Twelve theme. Is it possible to know the theme that you've used in your website? I would be willing to look for a workaround. Cheers, Jhen

I'm using the Twenty Ten theme. Do you happen to know a way to make it work?

Hi Martina,
This is what I have come up with after applying a workaround: using Twenty Ten Theme.

If you are happy with the look you can follow the steps I have documented here:

All the best,

It works! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :)

Great to hear it works, Martina! Cheers and All the best!

Would this work for the twenty fourteen theme?

Very simple. Thanks for helping to make it so easy to understand. You have saved a number of people a great deal of time.

Glad to be of help, Donna! Thank you so much for the complement. Cheers, Jhen

Awesome post Jhen. It has certainly been a journey learning these little bits of tech information. Blessings. :)))

Thanks much Abigail. Bless you more! Cheers, Jhen

I did this and nothing happened. is it because of my theme ?

Ok, Teddy sorry to hear that. I would appreciate if you could provide me your theme name, please. I will be installing in my test site and play around with it. Thanks!

Twenty Twelve it was just one of the free ones available to me when I was a free member. Is it hard to change theme with out messing up your content ?

Ok, I will try it then with Twenty Twelve. If you do change your theme best to have a backup first of your contents to be sure. Though, in some of my tests in changing themes - the pages, posts and images are intact as well as the plugin setup. Keep you posted.

Hi Teddy, yes - it goes with your theme, the reason why it is not displaying the blog excerpts. The No. of Posts per Page is ok but not the blog excerpts. The theme is also not having any template as "Blog" like most of the available templates when you do create a Blog Page. I've seen this link while checking for resolutions which might be of interest to you:

All the best,

well I changed it to Dynamic News Lite it looks much better now

Yes, it looks pretty much better. :) Really good choice!

How would you like your footer to be? This is an example - Copyright © 2014 Affiliates Today -

For your footer:
NOTE: Be sure to backup first the functions.php file by copying and pasting all its content to Notepad or MSWord.

1. Go to Apprearance>>Editor
2. Click on functions.php under the Templates sidebar
3. Change the code as per NEW CODE I've attached as well.

SCREENSHOT: You can check out the guide on how to change the footer using this image:

NEW CODE: Here is the script of the new code:

Happy editing. :)

wow thank you soooo much that saves me so much time I actually already figured out how to get to the code myself and about a month ago I made my own theme and ran wordpress on wamp but it was very basic and took FOREVER. I've been focusing on keyword research today though

Cheers to your success, Teddy! :)

Love it when you do this, Jhen! You are almost magical, m'dear, in your ability to train some of us non-techies!!!

Thanks much, Carla. By the way, I am currently organizing the screenshots for your sidebar. Cheers, Jhen

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steps with screenshots sent! :) If you need further clarification my dear, please PM me. Cheers!

Thank you Jhen very much for taking the trouble to show us this with screen shots. :)

Thanks Carol, pleasure is mine my friend. Cheers!

You explained this very well! Thanks for the information.

Thanks Melanie! Cheers, Jhen

That's how I did it, looks good! :))

Thanks Kim, just got a chance to work on the screenshot. It's easier to explain visually. :)

I still don't know how to do a screen shot...only because I haven't looked into it yet. :)) Have any tips on that for me. :))

I am using FSCapture for my screenshots. You can capture part of the screen or whole screen. Here is the link on where you can download for free and it comes with a tutorial as well:

Thank you, I was asked by tech support to do one before and there explanation on how to do it was all foreign, this looks like something I can easily use. :))

Yes, it is easy to use. If you need further assistance in using it, please feel free to pop me a message... Have fun using it! :)

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