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Last Update: Oct 19, 2014



I have just heard a preaching about "ONE TOUCH OF GOD'S FAVOR"

Expect Suddenly!

As I discover the wonders of life, there is a reality that I need to accept that it is not perfect. In fact, life is unfair! But in spite of life's nature, let us STAND STILL and keep moving forward carrying that FAITH, HOPE and LOVE within us.

Let us be excited that with ONE TOUCH OF GOD'S FAVOR everything will TURNAROUND for OUR GOOD. Suddenly, things are at your side - so be excited! Psalm 2:11 says... rejoice with trembling!

Enjoy LIFE! Here's a balloon for you to burst! [I made it myself! :)]


All the best,


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I think about the story of Esther and about who ended up on the hangman's noose in the end...despite the elaborate plotting and conniving of the wicked..God's plan's will not be thwarted.....

I agree, Bob! HE is in control! Cheers, Jhen

Great post, I love it, Jhen. :)

Expect the "suddenly" good and the good will "definitely" come ...

God is my sun and shield, no good thing will He withhold from us. Amen.

Byw, I love the balloons, wow, you made them yrself?

Thanks Carol! HE who is within us is greater, go forth and conquer God-favored Carol! More blessings, Jhen

Nice balloon arrangement! Thank you for a lovely post. :))

Thanks Kim! More success to you. Cheers, Jhen

You are such a wonder and a Blessing from God yourself, m'dear Jhen. Thank you. Jon

Thanks Jon! You are a blessing too, my friend. By the way, am little by little grasping Pinterest - thanks for opening my mind! :D Cheers, Jhen

My joy to help Jhen. Yes Pinterest is so cool, also an underused resource by most. I'm studying it daily to unlock it's little secrets, hopefully soon to be blogged about. Jon

What I am currently researching is how to work out those infographics to organize something to pin. I like its neat look. :)

I'm there every morning, message me if you need anything. Jon
Getting ready to go fishing right now though, Have a great day Jhen :-)

Wow those balloons are awesome Jhen! I know my godson Jabari would love this LOL!

Thanks Muriel! Let him see the photo and tell him he can do that as well. haha I've taught my niece who is now 6-year old and she's able to make it. It's fun to be with kids, really. All the best, Jhen

My faith is all I have left when everything else fails.
The favor of God opens doors and yes, I'm always expecting.

Thanks for these blessed words of inspiration.
My expectations will happen suddenly.
You pop a balloon and you hear a sudden sound.

Have a glorious week, Jhen!

Thanks Ade! Yes, that sudden sound is a turner just like His one touch. Blessings are already yours, Ade! Have a glorious week to you too. Cheers, Jhen

Thanks for your message, Jhen, how on earth did you get those little balloons inside? greetings Loes

Thank you, Loes.

To get those little balloons inside, you need to push it using an air pump nozzle while still holding its neck and the big balloon's neck to stay inflated. As you inflate a little balloon it blocks the neck of the big balloon to make it stay inflated. Then, you repeat the process to the rest of the little balloons. It is normal that the big balloon gets smaller as its air gets out while doing the process...then, the last part is adding air to the big balloon. There is goes! :)

Cheers, Jhen

Wonderful message Jhen and love the balloons too. Many blessings being sent your way. :)))

Thanks Abigail. Bless you more. Cheers!

Thank you, Jhen and those are beautiful balloons!

Thank you, Sandra! Balloon setup is my other love which I am currently offering for free to my friends during parties (when I get the chance). There is a feeling of child in me when I do that. :)
Cheers, Jhen

Well you have great eye for balloon design!

Thanks for the complement, Sandra! I will work on that as another project soon! haha Thanks much. Cheers, Jhen

Thank You Jhen, for your faith that inspires me and I guess a lot of us here on Wealthy Affiliates. Keep the faith.. God bless.

Thanks Therese. To God be the Glory! God bless and Cheers, Jhen

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