My most successful month at WA so far

Last Update: January 22, 2015

Hey everyone,
I have had a really good month of May as far as getting traffic to my website, visitor engagement, and I have even made a few sales. This is absolutely awesome and I couldn't keep it to myself any longer.

My Success At Wa For The Month Of May
I have seen a spike in traffic a few days after Penguin 2.0 and I have also seen my rankings go up for quite a few keywords. In the past, I was getting traffic but I couldn't get my visitors to stay on my website for longer than 5 seconds.

I have been tracking my traffic and visitor engagement with Google Analytics and it seems like they are finally staying on my site for longer than 5 seconds.

I have also made a number of sales in the month of May which is just awesome for me. I have been working hard on this website for some time now and the hard work is finally starting to pay off.

I have taken a screenshot of my traffic below check it out (Updated screenshot Jan2015)

I am getting around 400 visits on some days. As you can see this stuff works if you are willing to stick with it.

How have I managed to accomplish this and how long has it took me?
If it wasn't for the awesome Boot Camp training available here at Wealthy Affiliate none of this would have been possible. It has taken me 3 months to achieve this and I look for it to go up every day. I know if I press on and keep plugging away at writing content for my site I will only get better.

My suggestion for all new members that are frustrated and feel overwhelmed
Stick with the training here at WA this stuff works and I am living proof of that. The greatest thing about the training is that you can apply it to any niche you want. This is not limited to just 1 niche or to promoting WA. It seems like lots of my referrals are coming from my different product reviews so I would encourage everyone here to write informative and great product reviews.

If I can do this, I know that anyone can all you gotta do is dedicate yourself to it and keep working at it little by little. I would recommend taking frequent breaks so you don't get too frustrated and come back refreshed. Ask for help if you need it, there is plenty of help available to you all you need to do is ask.

Everything you need is right here at WA all you need to do is take action on what you learn and you will start experiencing success. I hope you all have enjoyed this post feel free to leave your comments below.

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Ivvy Premium
Brilliant! Well done!
scottdogg187 Premium Plus
wendyjane Premium
congratulations! gotta love that upward graph! It will only get better with time :)
scottdogg187 Premium Plus
Oh yea the graph will continue to rise as time goes on. Thanks for the comment
jeff2011 Premium
Well done Scott. Congrats on your hard work and persistance
scottdogg187 Premium Plus
Thanks so much keep at it and you will experience success as well my friend.
veronica.l Premium
Congrats to your success Scott!!
The only way is up :) Keep pluggin away!

scottdogg187 Premium Plus
Thanks Vicki I plan on working my way to the top
ransomink Premium
It's great to see a fellow "affiliate" succeed. This is truly a lesson in hard work, dedication, and patience. I'll be on my way there steps...
scottdogg187 Premium Plus
That is all you need to do to get there is take baby steps. That is how I have achieved all my success so far. Good luck to you my friend and I will see you at the top.