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 Those wacky WordPress Themes... How do I find what theme it is?

Those wacky WordPress Themes... How do I find what theme it is?

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While surfing around, I've found a couple WordPress themes that others are using that I like. Is there a way by looking at the site that I can know what theme they're using? Do I l

Here is the site I was looking for before but couldn't remember the URL http://whatwpthemeisthat.com/ taken from https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/mission0ps/blog/spy-gear-for-all-xmas-2012

Wow...thanks welshy. That's a pretty cool and powerful tool. What a timesaver. I've now bookmarked that site.

To check the page source, Right click on the website somewhere and choose source from the dropdown menu that pops up. Then look in the code for the themes lisitng.

"Roger" Shields.... that's airplane talk. LOL

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Yes, if you check the page source and it's a wordpress site, you'll find links pointing to the theme CSS file etc, that will give you the theme folder name.

Hey thanks a lot. I'll give that a try.

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