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Hi there,

I'm back :). The love for travel and my roots in Scandinavia has brought me back to WA, after a couple of years of disappearing. Well, I never left but I was not active, I will try to change that.

Something that I am forever grateful for is that WA and online marketing allowed me to stay home with my two kids when they were little. I know that this stuff works if implemented correctly. The kids got older, and I felt that I needed to get out and work in "the real world". So, for the last couple of years, I've been working in the travel industry. We all know that the travel industry right now due to COVID19 is pretty much at a standstill, and I lost my job.

What a great opportunity to get back into online marketing. Travel will for sure turn around, and what better way than to use this time to build my own travel site. So I am back, starting from scratch with a new site.

Just a little side note: The amazing part is that even though I stepped away from my online business, I was still making money with it. Do the work upfront, and the passive income will follow, pretty awesome :).

To your success,
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Erellap Premium
Hi Veronica. I am impressed of your work. I am new in Internet marketing but this place, with new supporting friends, encourages me.I want to start with clickbank but there are some questions I have (although reading and learning by myself...)can I discuss with you issues I do not understand ?thanks a lot. Erella
Nicole84 Premium
Hi Veronica!

Thank you for your great blogs on the Getting Started course. I liked them so much I started following you before I had read your profile. My maternal family is also from Sweden. My cousin John Olson was on your reality TV show Alt for Sverige in 2014 ( I'm not sure if I spelled that right) We are very proud of him!

Again thank you and I hope to read more of your blogs,

zetabyx Premium
Hey Veronica! It looks like you have had a ton of experience in affiliate marketing and have been successful...I was curious if it is your primary source of income. If so, how many hours do you typically have to commit per week? I am just getting started and I would like to eventually transition into affiliate marketing full time...Do you have any advice?
SayBa77 Premium
Hi Veronica,

I'm so excited yet nervous about all this. I read about 6 ways to make money and I have to say that it so important to know those key points.

I am grateful to be on this website and start my journey and grateful to follow you and help me along the way. :)
ArmBlaster Premium
I see Veronica you have been here a long time. I was wondering, honestly if you think the IM business has got better or worse from when you started. My wife and myself fill out contests online. 5 years ago, winnings were much better then today. I was wondering how it is with the internet market?
veronica.l Premium
It has changed a lot for sure. Back in the day you could use methods that will not work today... One thing that has been consistent though is to provide helpful information via great content for your readers.

WA's approach has always been the same though, create helpful content around a specific niche...

Can't say it's better or worse, just different. I can say though that for the better, there's so much great information about online marketing today both here at WA and other places... For the worse there's so much great information ... :) it can be hard to weed out the bad.

My suggestion is that you stick with what's being thought here, go through the program and implement what you learn... That's exactly what i did and how I see great results...

Don't chase the "magic solution" it doesn't exist stick with something and implement it.