Leader or Follower?

Last Update: Jul 30, 2014


200 years ago, the average citizen was self-educated. They did this by reading the classical writings of Greek, Roman, French, and English philosophers. These writings, in large part, focused on the importance of Integrity, Honor, and Character in individuals and governments.

The concept of "Natural Laws" was developed, stressing the important link between following these laws and the negative consequences of breaking them. Historically, societies and governments that stay in accord with the Natural Law are more successful and offer more freedom of opportunity to every citizen. In a study of 23 historical civilizations, every one failed as a direct result of violating Natural Law.

Self-education leads to members of society who are more aware and more involved in the daily affairs and decisions of the government. Starting at the local level and extending to the highest levels of national government, individuals who are informed and active in monitoring what government is doing are able to curb excess and maintain control at the lowest possible level. This is the ideal to strive for!

Education today largely consists in learning by rote. Most are taught to "follow the crowd" and go along. The goal is to produce docile consumers who are not informed or involved in anything more than living day to day and working a job that is designed to build the dreams of someone else.

This leads inevitably to the rise of an "elite" who have convinced the non-elites that the important decisions should be left to the "experts", taking away the power of the electorate to determine their own future.

Those of you reading this have demonstrated, simply by being members of the WA community, that you believe in educating yourselves in order to improve your lives. Continue this, and begin to read more. Choose books like the Federalist Papers, or The Magic of Thinking Big.

Leaders are largely self-educated, Followers not so much! Invest time in yourself, it is the most important investment you will ever make!

Recent Comments


HI Saturen, great post.

Reminds me of Prometheus Bound when Zeus bound Prometheus for 1000 years for giving fire to the people (or should that be power to the people). Anyway, very thought provoking.


Beautiful post, couldn't agree more! Thanks for the book tips.:)

Thanks for the kind words.

Great post Joseph! I hope there will be more. Your thoughts here need to be preached from every street corner.

Totally agree! Education does not just mean schooling or college degrees. We can all educate ourselves, and the internet offers us endless opportunities. Great post, Joseph!

We should always remain teachable.

This resonates with me. My dear late husband self educated himself and had an open, enquiring mind. I am trying to do the same, but learning this later in life. My achievements are not many, but I am throwing myself in at 66 - finally "going for it". I feel I have discovered 'gold' here at WA - opportunity for unlimited learning and growing (a business and as a person). Thanks for the book titles.

Excellent post. Taking back responsibility for ourselves, our health, our education and for our government is key to our life success as in making our own business happen. Thumbs up on your suggested books.
As an educator, facilitating learning is what classical learning was all about. Thank you Joseph, looking forward to your next. ^_~

Yes, personal development is paramount in your successes.

I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said it was the "responsibility" of all citizens to educate themselves and be involved.
Unfortunately, many school systems (at least in the U.S.) were set up to train people to become good little "yes men" (and women)
My REAL education began after I left school.

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