Is It Possible To Make Five Figures A Month?

Last Update: May 15, 2018

I have been working online since 2007 and I've also owned several off-line businesses over the past 30 years, I still have an off-line business now.

First of all, please don't think that I'm trying to boast, I'm just trying to encourage you in what is possible to do with the power of the Internet!

First of all, I'm not making five figures online a month at the moment, but I know that it is possible with hard work and consistency, I have had those days when I have made over $1000 a day but unfortunately this doesn't happen enough at the moment! I know quite a few people that are genuinely making well over five figures a month online regularly and legitimately, which is highly important for me.

I have been self-employed since 1983 and the way we do business has changed dramatically over the last few years for me, the power of the Internet has changed everything! Recently I set up a new off-line business, I had to invest quite a bit of money and I had no work, but by leveraging the power of the Internet within a few months my income had skyrocketed considerably, this is mainly due to the power of the Internet and using the principles taught here at Wealthy Affiliate.

My off-line business is taking quite a bit of my time at the moment and I would love to have more time to promote my Internet business, I am determined that my Internet business will grow just as my off-line business has grown and is still growing. I will keep pursuing my online dreams until I am successful and it will happen!

My question to you is: are you leveraging the power of the Internet and using the principles taught here at Wealthy Affiliate?

A few pointers here to help you:

Most people don't understand the power of the Internet, don't let them steal your dream.

The majority of people think that the Internet is a scam, don't listen to them, but please be wise. You don't need bright shiny new objects, just follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate, that is all you need! (When I first started learning about Internet marketing in 2004, I purchased far too many scam products, I didn't know that Wealthy Affiliate existed, it would have literally saved me thousands of pounds!

Surround yourself with the right people, the type of people that care about you and want to see move forward.

Run like never before, (I have) from negative people.

Pursue your dream.

Be consistent.

Be passionate about what you are doing.

Help others.

Be kind to people.

Share in other people's joy when they are successful.

Thank you for reading.


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KislaGlista Premium
Yes, it is important to focus on what you DO want instead of what you don"t. good luck.
Barbara11 Premium
Hi, Roy! Thanks for sharing, it`s very motivational and inspiring post.
Wish you all the best!

GailLowe Premium Plus
Thanks Roy. Some great advice here. I particularly like the part about not letting negative people and other people steal your dream. Have a great day. Gail
HeidiY Premium
Great post Roy, thank for sharing.
AJunTan Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience! Definitely we have to run away from negative people, totally well-said! I hope you achieve success sooner in your journey! :)