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After reading Roy's excellent blog post from yesterday, which had some excellent points, I felt inspired to write this post. My post is entitled; "WA Membership- Are You Using It Or Losing It!"You can see Roy's blog post from yesterday below. of all, just looking at Roy's blog cover picture, which says it all; "a platform designed for all levels of affiliate marketers"! We all come from different backgrounds and have different
The other day I received an email from Kyle to congratulate me on being an Ambassador, which slightly surprised me. I haven't been particularly active on Wealthy Affiliate, however, through writing one blog post, it's amazing how quickly our ranking can jump up higher! Especially when we have been here a few years!I hadn't actually written a blog post on Wealthy Affiliate for six months, not because I didn't want to. More to the point that I like to try and reply to every comment, which takes t
On Friday evening I went to open my Wealthy Affiliate account and discovered a message that said; "your write access has been revoked by admin"! I must admit I was surprised to see the message and didn't really expect it to happen to me. I am aware that this has happened to other members, I believe it may be more of a technical issue rather than members deliberately going against the rules.I immediately sent an email to support, I actually thought at the time it may be due to a billing issue. A
I have to say that I am writing this blog post for a bit of fun after reading Roy's blog post which you can see below. Roy has averaged 2582 words per day, which is pretty good! reading Roy's post I thought I would check my Grammarly stats. So since first using Grammarly back in March 2016, I have written 2,777,644 words. That comes out at about 1,548 words per day over almost five years. In the past week, I have written 27,426
I have just upgraded to Grammarly premium for the second time! I tried Grammarly premium a couple of years ago as Grammarly was on special offer. However, I didn't really feel that I was gaining that much from Grammarly premium, so I didn't renew my subscription. This is probably due to me not digging deep enough into the functionality of Grammarly.It appears that many members of Wealthy Affiliate rate Grammarly premium very highly. So after reading a few articles from other members, I thought
I recently wrote a blog post asking members if they had upgraded to Premium plus. You can see the post below. I'm pleased to say that I've now taken action and upgraded for the year. I'm looking forward to taking advantage of the new features. those of you who have already upgraded, what do you think are the best benefits of premium plus? The reason I ask this question is that I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over six
January 02, 2021
First of all, a very happy and prosperous New Year to all my fellow Wealthy Affiliate's.I have been inspired to write this blog post after reading Roope's excellent blog post, entitled; "4-Step Challenge: 50,000 NEW Subscribers in 4 Months"! You can see the link to Roope's post below. I would encourage you to read Roope's blog post. was wondering how you set your goals? I'm good at having a list and working through an often quite a
Did you know that there is an official bug thread at Wealthy Affiliate? I didn't until the other day! You can see the link below. think a few of us have had a few small issues since the new facelift on Wealthy Affiliate, which can obviously be expected. I'm sure these issues will be ironed out in the coming days and weeks.I only came across the thread the other day, it's a great idea to be able to put any website issues to Kyle and
This is just a very short blog post about upgrading to premium plus.I see that quite a few Wealthy Affiliate members have upgraded to Premium plus. I must admit I haven't as yet, however, I am considering upgrading. I was wondering what fellow members think of the upgrade and what is the best thing about premium plus, please?I noticed that with the upgrade there is improved hosting, does this give us more access to their hosting Control Panel? I do use Wealthy Affiliate hosting but also pay for
I hope you're all doing well and had a great Christmas. I always enjoy the Christmas period, it's a great time to remember the reason for the season and to recharge our batteries.Yesterday I opened a account. In case you are wondering what is, it is an alternative to YouTube. Quite a few people have had their YouTube accounts suspended due to YouTube not liking their particular niche. Before you get too alarmed, most of the accounts that are being suspended are around poli