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This is just a quick blog post, Wealthy Affiliate never fails to amaze me! I have been here four years now and I didn't know that this page existed, there is an unbelievable amount of training here at Wealthy Affiliate on every single Internet marketing topic you can think of.Take a look at the link below and click on the five different icons and you will see an amazing amount of training. get an amazing amount for our money!Have
November 08, 2018
Some of you may have seen my question regarding Camtasia nine crashing, you can see my question here. contacted Camtasia support who were very helpful and obliging and although they didn't get to the bottom of the problem, they did mention that Microsoft One Drive can create issues.I use Microsoft Office 365 which gives me word, excel and more et cetera, Office 365 also comes with Microsoft One Drive which I use. I used to save eve
I recently created a video promoting Wealthy Affiliate and uploaded it to YouTube in the normal way.I then went on to and looked for a gig that would potentially promote my video, this is not something that I would normally do, I just thought I would try a little experiment! I found someone who could potentially promote my YouTube video, he had great reviews and came recommended. I have to say that my experience with is not been the best over the years.Within a few weeks t
I know that there are quite a few of us who are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking or other voice recognition software here at Wealthy Affiliate, I am one of them. I'm on my fourth version of Dragon naturally speaking, I think I started at about version 7 and now I am on version 15.Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon unnaturally speaking as I sometimes call it is much better than it used to be, I do believe that a lot of this is due to me using a much more powerful laptop, which I'm told is very imp
This is just a short blog post but I believe that this could seriously help boost our rankings and our online income!When I was working on my off-line business the other day I was looking for one of Jay's webinars to listen to as I worked. I happened to come across one that is not available until December 15th, which may sound a long way off but it will be here before we know it.Jay's webinar is entitled "writing and ranking Wealthy Affiliate blog posts"! I believe that many of us here write bl
I felt compelled to write this post after reading Loes blog post that you can read on the link below. is great that Wealthy Affiliate has a ranking system and I think to some degree it is very encouraging to watch your ranking increase. However, and this includes me, we have to be careful not to focus on our ranking and not neglect our own business.I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for almost 4 years and I guess I had ambassador st
I have a website for my off-line business to promote my services, I started the website around six months ago. I try to take photographs of the various jobs that I carry out and put them on social media and on my website, it does take time but it seems to be paying off.Last night I was carrying out some searches for my niche and I discovered that on one search my website was showing for the first five searches on page 1 of Google! Many of the searches that I carried out, I was on page 1 of Goog
I am writing this blog post as a few people have asked me a question about a blog post I put up a month or so ago about an old website making three figures a week.I have several websites some that I am actively promoting and some that I'm not. The particular website that I'm talking about has not had any content added for about two years, however, it does have a lot of old posts going back some years. First of all, the website does not make three figures every week, but every week it is making
I am now back from a very enjoyable break in Greece after taking almost 4 weeks out from Wealthy Affiliate! I am very privileged to be able to visit this beautiful country several times a year as my wife comes from Greece! We had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery, good sunshine and family and friends, it is so nice to be able to stop and relax a bit.We actually had an extended break due to the Ryanair strikes, our flight was cancelled after we should have taken off, it was nice to have an e
I am leaving Wealthy Affiliate, but only for just over two weeks well I am away in Greece! I had thought about trying to do something each day like I normally do, but after thinking about it, I thought it would be good to take a total break from work related things.Currently sitting on the patio, overlooking fields and looking across to the sea, it is a wonderful view! If you ever have the chance to visit Greece, it is a great country with lovely people, great food and nice climate, the sea is