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July 11, 2018
Google tools, are you using Google keep?Recently Stefan put up a blog post about 20 useful Google tools, you can see Stefan's blog post here: of the Google tools that Stefan has put on his list I hadn't even heard of, I think I counted four tools out of the 20 that I had actually heard of!Top of the Google tool list is Google keep, this is something that I started using, I would guess five or six years ago and it is something th
June 20, 2018
We never stop learning!I'm someone who enjoys the simple things in life, as a Christian, when I walk across the fields, I see of creation and the beauty all around me and something new every day!The one thing that never fails to amaze me is that we never stop learning! One of the many many things that I like about Wealthy Affiliate is how satisfying it is to learn something new every day. I was just reading a blog post from Erin and she mentioned about a plug-in called EWWW Image Optimize, som
June 15, 2018
Don't be sucked into Internet scams!I thought that I would write this blog post after reading Dave's post about a program that has closed down, you can read Dave's post below.'s post reminded me about how back in 2004 when I first had a broadband connection, all of a sudden I could see the power of the Internet and the potential that the Internet could bring, prior to this broadband Internet connection, I found the Internet pret
June 12, 2018
Are you taking action?Did you know that Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best place to be to learn about Internet marketing and making money online, it is certainly the best website that I have came across for learning. I believe that the Internet has opened up opportunities like never before, there are numerous ways to earn money online and I believe that we need to take full advantage of this great invention, "the Internet"!Here are a few ways that you can generate money online:Affiliate mar
June 04, 2018
One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate.I normally rise in the morning between 5 and 6 AM, I'm very much a morning person and I can achieve huge amounts in the first few hours of the day or at least it feels like I can! As a Christian man I like to start my day reading a Christian devotional and the Bible, it gets me off to a really good start and my faith means a huge amount to me.I then normally go to Wealthy Affiliate and start to reply to comments and messages and sometimes ask quest
June 01, 2018
I Have A New Ambassador Badge!I was surprised yesterday when I logged into my Wealthy Affiliate account that I had received an ambassadors badge, I didn't expect this!First of all I would like to thank the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson for an absolutely fantastic website, something that I wish I had found many years ago back in the early days! Secondly, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time read my blog posts, answered my many questions which are not always straig
May 29, 2018
Why I will stay with wealthy affiliate!I just like to write a few of the many benefits about being a member of Wealthy Affiliate.First of all I would just like to mention that I first started researching Internet marketing and making money online back in 2004. I already had a website, but this was for my off-line business, I soon started to see the results of having a website and how it bought in business. This made me start thinking that there must be a way to make money online through the Int
May 29, 2018
There's never been a better time to have your own business!These are only my thoughts but I really believe that we live in a great age for having your own business, there are endless opportunities if you are willing to work! I have been self-employed since 1983, sold a couple of successful businesses, I have also had failures and successes and hard times, but I believe that now is a great time to have your own business.I remember in the early days when I was still at school I would reply to a p
May 27, 2018
Google+ and Google+ brand accounts.I've been having a discussion about Google+ on Wealthy Affiliate after I asked the question; "how do I switch from my Google+ personal account to my brand page".It appears that a lot of people don't realise that you can have a brand account within the same account as your personal Google+ page. So in other words I have my Google+ personal page and then I have a brand page within the same account using the same email address.I'm certainly not an expert with Goo
May 25, 2018
Do You Listen To Someone Who Makes $87,000 Per Month?I get quite a few different emails from various Internet marketers, I like to try and keep up-to-date with things and it's always interesting to see what other successful Internet marketers are doing. I had an email a few months ago from an Internet marketer to tell me that they had earned around $87,000 in February, which apparently is normally a poor month! This Internet marketer is genuine, in case you're thinking something else!The reason