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LinkedIn is one of those social media networks that I have been part of for many years, the only thing is I probably haven't used LinkedIn to its full potential, in fact I know I haven't!I have always liked the professionality of LinkedIn, I have always found it far more professional then many of the other social networks, especially Facebook. It seems to me that Facebook seems to get a terrific amount of attention and LinkedIn hardly gets mentioned, may be a slight exaggeration.I've just start
I was looking at one of my YouTube channels today at the page views, so far it has received 2166 views to be precise! This channel is relatively new and I don't have that many videos on their although over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to add one video a day, I haven't achieved this goal as yet, but I am trying to reach it.I know that it takes time to get views and that it doesn't happen overnight, but I know that views increase as a channel gets more popular. On another channel I
A short blog post that Wealthy Affiliate genuinely works!This morning I carried out a search in Google and I used the search term "How to review products for my website without buying". Interestingly enough, the first two articles about read were by Jerry and Roope enough, two people that have both been successful through the Wealthy Affiliate training.It's very satisfying when you see success sto
For the past couple of years I have been fairly busy getting a new off-line business off the ground, thankfully now it is getting more established and I have a bit more time to work on my online business. I know that this something that I need to really focus on so I'm trying to write a blog post every day and create a video every day. So far I have managed to write at least one blog post per day and sometimes more, unfortunately, I haven't achieved this with my videos as yet, I would say I'm p
Just a quick update on the YouTube creators Academy, I wrote a short blog post about this subject a a few days ago, you can see my post below. are 30 training modules in the YouTube Creators Academy, I have only just started so I am only on the second module, so far the course is looking good.The first module is all about dos and don'ts within YouTube, a lot of this is common sense, but it is just worth spending the time and ch
I have just started the YouTube training Academy!The other day I received an email from YouTube telling me about all the training videos and how I can make money with YouTube and learn about the latest updates. I investigated and from my research it seems like a great course to participate in.I asked question the other day on Wealthy Affiliate if anyone had gone through the YouTube training Academy and I received an interesting response, you can see the link below:
I have recently joined Grace's (LittleMama) Facebook group, it's a great group to be connected with, Grace has been highly successful on Wealthy Affiliate and worked very hard, you can see her profile below. Grace's Facebook group inspired me to write my blog post below. thought I would just take a look see how many Facebook groups I am connected with, in total it is 121 different groups! Many of these groups I haven't a clue what they are about as I b
I have just been reading Jon Lakes post on video marketing and felt compelled to write this short blog post. You can see Jon's blog post here. actually make quite a few videos for my off-line business and upload them to YouTube and although I don't receive huge amounts of hits as there are not that many people searching for this particular niche. However, over the months the stats for these videos gradually increase, I believe the
I was reading Kaju's post at the beginning of the year which was titled, "My 2019 Golden Rule #1: Business Comes FIRST" you can read Kaju's excellent post below. I had actually been thinking about writing a similar post although slightly different.'m very grateful for the amount of wonderful people there are on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, it's always a privilege to read your blog posts and to read and answer some of your quest
I'm looking forward to seeing Jay's webinar tonight, I will actually have to watch the replay as I live in the UK and have never yet managed to watch a live webinar.You can see the link to the webinar here: actually registered for this webinar some months ago as I thought it looked so very useful and helpful, I'll be very interested to hear how we can make the most of leveraging Wealthy Affiliate content.The Description Sounds Good