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Last Update: November 07, 2014

Wealthy Affiliate Review

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since April of 2014, have completed the Getting started Courses to level 4, created a website of my own, and started the Bootcamp courses.

Negative Reviews

I have recently noticed some negative reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and would like to respond to a few points.

Pushing Wealthy Affiliate

One is that Wealthy Affiliate is pushing to get us to promote Wealthy Affiliate. In my experience they have given us an opportunity to promote and benefit from promoting this company. However the emphasis is on Affiliate Marketing in general and the training has been directed there. Because of this I have started my own website that is not in the Make Money niche or the Avoid On Line Scams niche. There has not been any pressure to promote Wealthy Affiliate. The focus is on teaching about Affiliate Marketing.

Abundance of Positive Reviews

I understand that there is an abundance of positive Reviews from Wealthy Affiliate members on the web and that they profit from those Reviews that are placed on their Websites if they bring in new members. There is some effort to discount the reviews that come from the members of this site because of this. For me I do not discount these reviews at all. Why? Because as I use this program and find how I can benefit from the information I want to share that information so others can check it out for themselves. I would not be creating a positive review if I were not happy with the company or if they did not deliver what was promised. The fact that there are so many positive reviews says that a lot of people want to share with others the success they are experiencing and that Wealthy Affiliate has an upstanding program that is working.

The cost of Wealthy Affiliate

The cost of the program is quite reasonable. To become a premium member costs $47 a month and there is a discount if you choose to pay for a yearly membership. There is a free week to check out the program and two free websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate that you are given when joining that are yours to keep. If after that free week you choose to become a premium member you have the training and support of the community. This has been an ongoing training program. At the time I joined the training the getting started program only went to level 4 now more levels have been added. As information changes there have been updates to the members about those changes and how it effects our websites. There is also a weekly Webinar focusing on topics to improve our websites or additional training. There are many other classes contributed by the community that are extremely useful.

Integrity of the Owners and Creators of Wealthy Affiliate.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate have integrity, and drive to keep this program growing. They are always looking for ways to improve and to address issues when they arise. They are involved in the chat and questions. I know because when I was in a chat room that Kyle was in, he answered my question and gave additional advice. The owners are reviewing what is happening and learning from everyone that is participating. Because this is their creation they keep a close eye on developments and members to be sure that the direction is focused on helping each other. There is a strict no scam policy so that the focus is on advancing and helping of the websites not on promoting a product or service. They are attentive to the members needs and to what is going to make this the best place possible to participate in. There are members that may step over the boundaries set and when that happens there is a private message sent to help clarify the issues with that member. We are encouraged to participate and help each other and to blog about many different topics without interference.

There are those that handle the technical issues and the behind the scenes to keep the program up and running. They address issues that come up quickly and efficiently. There has never been a time that I have been unable to access my account with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate training program has delivered everything that they have promised. I highly recommend this training program if you are interested in starting your own on line business.


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kholmes Premium
Really insightful and a wonderful post Robin. :))
MozMary Premium
when I did the 10 Review Challenge it benefited me more than WA, because it got me to go through the training and get my website together a good 6 months before I'd normally have done so, it also got me into the habit of writing for my other sites, and I actually used research I had been gathering on the industry over the past 3 years, so they did not get me to say anything or push them in any way - the opposite - they gave me a voice against the scammers that have been infuriating me, and an opportunity to collect my thoughts to promote something better, and I will get 50% of anything they earn. Others who did the challenge have commented that it was a fantastic personal experience too.
CarlaIves Premium
Hear, Hear, Robin! I agree with you.
Michelle04 Premium
Very well said, Robin. The positive reviews out weigh the negatives by a huge margin.
This is a good article. I think that there are many more companies out there who is pushing members to promote their company far more than WA
Ken-Pringle Premium
Yes I would say WA does not push us to promote them.
They give us the opportunity to promote them and make money.