My beloved mother

Last Update: Oct 23, 2014


My mother was my mom, my friend, my advocator, my confitdant, believed in me, loved me in a way no other ever has, my protector, and raised me in who I am. My mom - Bobbie is 85 now in the twilight years of her life.

My father was a narcissistic sociopath which I do not want to entertain much in this blog. My reason for this blog is "violence against women." I know first hand what happen to my mother though-out my adolescent years growing up with my monster of a father.

Wealthy Affiliate has really opened my eyes to the power of a blog. One of my future nich that I am looking at will be violence against women. With the situation in the middle east and horrific violence toward women and what has happened for centuries in global patriarchal societies, has returned my emotions to my violent adolescent years growing up.

I thought I had worked through a great deal in my life time with my mom's help and others along the way. But, reading horrific accounts of ISIL and the crimes against women has brought me back to what my mother endured growing up. There was violence against my mom and the children she brought into this world.

I do believe each one of us can make a difference in what we create in our campaigns that go beyond the monetary pursuit of our actions. I believe part of our pursuit in WA is considering publishing websites that will help in changing the views of society towards global liberty for all. We need to work towards a balanced patriarchal and matriarchal global societies. Our blogs can be the seed that plants a new tomorrow where all peoples can live in peace and harmony. And, out of harmony with one another comes the true abundance we seek in this world.

We have to start somewhere and ultimately believe in one another to bring about a better tomorrow. It all starts with me and you! May part of our energy in WA be devoted to blogs on the internet that will plant seeds of hope, love, sisterhood and brotherhood for all mankind to live in peace with one another - for a better tomorrow!

Thanks for reading my thoughts for today!!



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Thanks Robert! With love in the international development realm, I am happy that I've met you, Robert. Thanks for giving me the needed lift to carry on with that love. All the best to you and to your mom. Bles you more, Jhen

Thank you so much Jhen. My mom means the world to me. I have never met a person with great faith, tenacity in over coming the evil in one person, and coming out on the other side with her faith intact. She truly is a witness to me in how I need to continue my life in loving my brothers and sisters and what the good Lord gave me in my Beloved Mother.

I am an over comer because of who she truly is in God's Kingdom!

Happy friday - blessings.


A very brave blog indeed


Very powerful subject and should be addressed especially by someone with first hand knowledge. Your mother sounds lovely and I wish you both well. Kim :))

Thanks Kim - I do think she is very special. My dad passed away in 1994. My Mom married a man in 2003 that truly loved my mom and treated her like a queen. Tom passed away in 2009. This was a very sad for my mom. Tom was truly a gentleman.

Anyway- thanks.

Wow, finally found happiness for a short time at least...more than some I suppose. She has you, being a mother that is very important to her!
I lost my mother when I was 10, my Dad is now 87 and not doing great but still gets around the best he can.
Take care! Tell Mom Hi!

For penning these thoughts, Robert, you are worthy of emulation.
More 'real men' need to rise up and speak out against violence toward women.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'm sure you could help many with a niche blog. Sometimes people just need to know that someone understands.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts Robert. If you created your niche blog I'm sure you could have plenty of guest contributors too, if you wanted!

This is good idea Peter!


Good words, Robert! It's a very hot topic right now, so if you did a niche blog, I'm sure you would reach many with your first-hand experience. You could dedicate the site to your mom.

Thanks Carla - my goal with this niche would not be about gaining any monetary benefit, but would be used as an income stream to nonprofits like Global Fund for Women, Equality Now, and Promundo to name a few. You are exactly right Carla, I would dedicate the website to my mom!

The primary goal is to reach a global audience in dialoguing about violence against women period. To possibly help in changing hearts and minds against this on going situation. Men globally need to take a stand against this violence and start doing something about it in their corner of the world!!!

Thank you again - blessings!!


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