Empower Network: A Not So Favorable Review


Couldn't believe this review when I was done!

OK, I'll admit it...I was one of those who previously gave money to Empower Network (EN). Fortunately, after about 5 months, I called it quits and unsubscribed, canceling my recurring payment as well. However, it was my introduction to blogging and websites so the time wasn't all wasted.

Lesson Four of the Phase Two Boot Camp training required another review to post on our site. I knew that at some point I would review EN so I decided to do it now...and was I surprised!

  • I suspected that I would score it 5, maybe 6, out of 10 but it actually came out as a 3.
  • I did an extensive review of their promotions so I could see what they were using to draw people in.
  • As I delved deeper, I was surprised, and shocked, with the degree of arrogance they had moved to since I left.
  • And the total cost, if you purchase all their products: just over $5100.00
I think what really hit home was their comments about how new members are going to make money every day, every hour, every minute...all on auto pilot! Granted, I know they would disagree with that simplistic summary but...I'm quoting them. Go figure.

As I was writing my review I couldn't help but compare EN with WA (our lives are acronyms):
  • At WA new members are trained and supported at no extra cost...which isn't bad considering that you can start for free :)
  • WA teaches you to learn before you earn...kind of like "school leads to a job"
  • WA promotes building a quality business. Offering what your customers want, thinking about them...content.
  • WA does not allow spamming nor is it a "get-rich-quick" scheme
All I can say is that I'm glad I'm here at WA...where I'm not called a "wussie".

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From what I've read, I think EN is huge right now. I watched the sales video and it seemed too good to be true. I could see that the founders were making a lot of money, but I sensed it was because their customers were spending a lot of money. Typical marketing funnel where they rope you in at a low price and then upsell you until you are broke. The video was a turn off to me, but it apparently works on a lot of people.

I agree. I watched one video...signed up...watched another video...signed up...watched another video...and wondered when it would end! Fortunately I stopped after the 2nd sign up. I never received any useful training nor any sales. At WA we're taught first and then earn. That way makes more sense to me and is a better long-term plan. Thanks for your comment.

After what I saw playing around with google alerts today, reviews will be good.

I agree. I actually really enjoyed doing that one. Reviews seem to fit with what I do at work lol

Thank you all for the heads up, I hadn't seen this out there yet but I am sure I would have. Now I know before hand

Definitely check it out, don't just buy in. The levels kept increasing and I didn't know when I should stop. 100/month was enough for me so that's where I stopped and glad I did.

Rick, read all your blogs. Love your style man, keep up the good work!

Thank you for your kind words. It's a great encouragement. All the best to you, too.

Wow. It's amazing what's out there. Glad I found my way to WA.

We have to be so careful. I'm glad we are doing review pages, perhaps we can help others before they get suckered in. Thanks for your comment.

I'm Keeping my shiny objects to a minimum. Goodsuccess, thank you for reminding us about our training by WA about shiny objects. EN even had a huge slipped in independent www.businessfromhome.org reviews of network marketers and direct sellers. Great review article Rick! You got my like! : Bill

Thanks, I appreciate your kind words. I'm happy that I'm investing here at WA. Best of luck to you.

$5,100 or 15 years at WA, I think that makes the choice and unbelievably obvious one.

Better investment here. And remember, at a recurring rate of $145/month with EN that's another $26,000 over 15 years. You never catch up. Kind of puts it into perspective for anybody wondering if the $47/month to go Premium at WA is worth it.

Forgot about that! I usually use the comparison to University which is also ridiculous considering what they teach in Uni pales in comparison to the education people get here about online business.

The main thing I don't like about Empower Network is how most people are sold on it.

Most people are sent to a video talking about how they can make a bunch of money using their "viral blogging system". People buy the product.

However, people who buy the product often times don't realize that the people who sent them to the video are not making their money through the viral blogging system, but by signing other people up. A classic case where it's not about the product, it's about signing people up underneath you.

I know a guy(actually a couple of guys) who will take screenshots of the commissions they earn by signing people up. They then post it on facebook to show how much money they are making. When someone asks them about it they get sent to the video where they are sold the "viral blogging system".

To me that is borderline deception and lying. However, I don't think they would make a lot of money if they told people: "hey watch this video and buy this viral blogging system. But you're not going to make money using the viral blogging system, you're going to make money selling the viral blogging system to other people."

Thanks for this. I think you've summed it up nicely. One of the biggest questions I always asked was: what am I selling? Never could put my finger on it and then my ethics kicked in and I answered myself: nothing! Got out.

I do believe they are selling a product. There is a viral blogging system. How good it is I have no idea since I never purchased it.

It would be similar to promoting wealthy affiliate as an affiliate or any other make money online product.

The distinction to me is you don't see WA affiliates claiming how they make all this money through internet marketing and that people should sign up to WA to learn how, mean while the only money they are making online is by signing people up to WA.

If there were people in Empower Network actually using the viral blogging system to either:

a) promote other products and other niches or

b)use only the viral blogging system to sell the viral blogging system

then I wouldn't have such a big issue with it. However, most of the people I know in the Empower Network are selling the viral blogging system by just posting on facebook and using facebook ads.

I have not come across one person in empower network who actually used the viral blogging system to make money, although I can't say that I have spent much time looking.

I did a partial review of EN on my homepage also at www.whowantstobeanonlinemarketer.com If you take the $5000 for all the products at EN and divide it by the $359 yearly WA membership dues, you can be a member for almost 15 years here at WA!

Excellent point and what a better investment for the long run. I'll read your post in a bit. Thanks

Liked your article. We both made the right choice in joining WA.

Sorry that you was 1 of the millions of people that was a victim of this pyramid scam. I had thought about joining MCA which I know they are connected to Enpower network in some way.

Good thing is I changed my mind and decided not to join and I'm so glad that I made that decision.

Makes you glad other folks do reviews. I did look for ones at the time but struck out. Probably because EN folks flood the search engines so negative reviews are pushed to the bottom...that's what I thought at the time anyway.

Guess its up to us then to flood the top of the search engines with negative reviews.

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