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I've had a few websites here at WA and a few outside of WA. I've recently discovered a niche I'm loving and have decided to buy the domain here using Site Domains and use Site Content to produce it.Site ContentI'm fairly comfortable writing and have a general idea of how I think a post should be structured. What I like about Site Content is that it provides some structured templates that allow me to develop a logical post that flows with what I need to say. This has allowed me to easily writ
Hi folks. Just a quick note to let you know I'm still around (I'm paid up to Black Friday). As some of you know I've been writing novels and have done pretty good with that but I wasn't in the right genre. I've been taking a writing course and starting in August we work on our book for 3 months and then 2 months of editing and re-writes. I think I have a good idea cooking so I'm really looking forward to it. I still pop into WA and read some posts and training as I set up my author website.
Hi there. I know many of us post on social media and oftentimes wait and hope for someone to do two things: Comment (and like or +) Click through to our website (buy) Let's talk about the first one. If someone comments on your social media post are you commenting BACK or are you hitting "like" or "+"? I've been watching this lately and notice that there aren't as many comments back to the person who took the time to leave you a comment...even if it's on social media. Just like we learn
Hi folks. I've started this new category to show readers the process I go through when I'm writing a book. Things like setting, book title, characters, outline, etc. I thought I would ask the WA community three things: Do you think visitors would be interested in this "behind the scenes look"? Do you have suggestions for posts, what would you like to read? (please remember I write fiction but this would work for non-fiction as well) Would this work for your website? This is about the lessons
Hi folks. I recently read on a blog I follow this challenge: pick one word that will be the word you live by in 2015. This word will be your over-arching theme for the year and will both define and drive who you are and what you want to accomplish. Whether it's related to your personal or business life, or both, this word will motivate and inspire you to improve and make positive choices throughout the year. My word: COURAGE To do what I know to be right To show those close to me that I care
December 27, 2012, battered and broke, I finally found the review that would change my life forever. The online "opportunity" I was in...was a scam! Go figure. But, like many here, that review provided the link to my future...and like the determined entrepreneur I was, I followed the link and landed at this place called Wealthy Affiliate. As I recall, I didn't sign up for my free account right away but I kept coming back throughout the day and wondering if I should sign up. Finally, I figur
December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas to all at WA. I just read an article that "Merry" means "happy" and so I wish you all happiness this season. As we celebrate let's also look for those opportunities to make someone else happy, someone who doesn't expect it. Let's bring a smile to those who need one...they're free to give and free to receive. Be happy!
December 17, 2014
Hi. As a writer I always need to ensure that I've wrapped up my plot and any sub-plots that are in my stories. Unless I'm writing a serial I need to make sure that I've resolved the conflicts and given my readers a complete story and answered their questions. I want them to leave feeling good about the story...and come back for more. Your website posts should do the same. This is not just a call to action but also making sure that you've answered any of the questions you've raised or that y
Hi. Just wanted to share a tidbit with everyone, something that I've been working on. In writing, everything must have a purpose and be leading the reader somewhere. That somewhere is the "high point" of your scene...what you're building up to and what you want to leave the reader remembering. I think the same applies to posts on our websites. Many might refer to this as the "Call to Action" but I think it also includes the "climax", if you will, of what you're trying to say. Here's some q
What a shock! Thought I would look at some of the websites I started and strangled over the last two years and tap my fingers in frustration. Lo and behold one of the sites that I haven't written on for 16 months just earned me a little Christmas bonus. Go figure. But here's why I wanted to share this - I've been thinking about that website for the past month and have been considering working on it again. I do reviews on products and it was always a joy to write about them. The really cool