OK, be a "sheeplewussy", but don't join the circus!!

Last Update: Sep 24, 2013


WARNING: This blog post is not suitable for those under the age of 18 years nor those easily offended or of a nervous disposition.

OK, you've so gotta "hand" it to this clown, huh?!

This is just a very quick reminder that if you signed up to the BigStock 7-day free trial on the day that OK, this is... DISGUSTING !! Just. Ugh. was published, you need to cancel *** NOW *** if you don't want to be charged.

Oh, and if you've enjoyed BigStock and were perhaps thinking of staying with them for a month or two, cancel anyway, as you will immediately be offered your first month at a 30% discount, in my case £35 (c. $55) which equates to 150+ images at roughly 30¢ a pop.


Rich. x

Recent Comments


Yikes! Are you already in Halloween mode? Still, thanks for the subscribe then cancel tip.


You're most welcome! :) Rich.

Dude, you have odd search habits. Cancelled my subscription, thanks for doing this.

LOL, I was searching for "scream" as in "forgot to cancel" but hey, if anyone is thinking of pitching for Halloween, there's definitely a lot of options there. :) R. x

Ha ha - that is truly revolting. You must be getting a good stock of them! I have one more day to go.

Yup. I'm stocked for Halloween! :O Rich. x

BTW, did u get that image on Bigstock? Its a good one.

Yes. I did indeed. I searched "scream". :) R. x

Very sporting of you to remind people. Good job except for that photo. Bad dreams fro me tonight.

Yup, great imagery sticks in the mind, huh?! :) R. x

Cool beans @Rich! Did and will! Thank u!

Aw, fantastic! :) R. x

Yep, almost ANYTHING you trial online will be offered at a discount if you cancel, always worth bearing in mind.

Yup, definitely. It's rare if you subscribe to something and cancel, a discounted offer to rejoin isn't forthcoming... :) Rich.

I like your style :-)

Aw, thank you, although I think my stylist overdid the rinse. I said "copper". :( Rich.

Yikes! And I thought the brief view I caught of Saw V incredibly scary. This makes that look tame! At least you got *something* for it...

LOL, but you clicked to open it despite the warning, huh?! :) Rich.

Couldn't resist! But yeah...when warnings come from good-natured people, I figured they can't be *that* bad...but surprise! Even I meet my match :)

Now that is quite the picture!

It's @RICH. Photo not surprised :P

Yup, the photographer definitely caught my good side, huh?! :) R. x

Yeah! Just add my best tiara please :P

Saw V, the clown of both? :p

Hush! I

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