My Website is on Google Page One!

Last Update: Jun 1, 2018

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Hello Friends,

Today, I searched Google for some keywords that I used in my articles at my website. Amazingly, I found one of my article is on the first page on Google.

I knew that there are many factors that help in reaching page one in Google. As there are special Alogrithm in Google that decide this. I know that the most common factors are the quality of the content, the length of the article. Besides, how secure is your website and how many Keywords appear in the article.There is another factor that I applied in this article and I want to share it with all my friends. I wrote about a new program that is launched recentely so this helps me to appear in the first page. By the way, this was an advice from my sponsor that I am grateful for his suggestion. He told me to write about this new program as there are not many reviews about it.

Recent Comments


Congratulations Rania, each time I hear of success like this they reaffirm my belief that the process does work.

Congratulations Pania, on the hard work keep it up.

congratulation Rania on your new and great achievement

Awesome Rania!! That's super cool! May you find your website ranking page 1 position 1 on Google for many more posts... and may this turn into income for you as you convert your organic visitors to members of your affiliate programs.

Hi Rania
As I have said before I love hearing about peoples successes on WA it gives me encouragement to keep pushing ahead. Can you just explain to me about your Mentor? Is this within WA and how does that come about?


Congratulations! Your success in 18 months has inspired a newcomer like me to follow the program to gain similar results.

I also believe success takes dedication and hard work, but it helps to have marketers before me share their successes to know it is possible to make money online by following simple steps.

All the best,


Congratulations Rania ! You are on a roll ! Keep at it and you will be at the top soon ! : )


That's so awesome, Rania! Your sponsor has guided you well! As an English teacher, your articles MUST be amazing! Continued success to you!

Erin :)!

Congrats! More to come. Stay consistent and be patient :)

Excellent work well done, and keep it up

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