Rant: SiteContent is annoying

Last Update: December 29, 2017

Here's just a small little rant so that I can vent my frustrations somewhere (I don't have a pen and paper with me at the moment).

I don't hate sitecontent at all, in fact, I find it useful and always have that feeling of accomplishment whenever I hit my target total words, paragraphs and headings.

And also that "You're almost there! Finish strong" when you are nearing your content goals.

I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this and maybe its just my mouse or if its a SiteContent thing. Whenever I try to highlight a specific phrase to enable either the H3 or H2 headings, (and take note that I ONLY highlighted the phrase that I want as my heading, I did not do MORE or do LESS), instead of JUST making the highlighted phrase a h2 or h3 heading, it does it for the whole of my post.

I don't know if I phrase this very well but I hope you can understand what I'm trying to say. I just kept on trying to undo it to the 'P' icon which is normal sized fonts and then do it again.

I had to refresh a couple of times to get it back to working normally. Anyways I just got really frustrated and was just about to go to google docs instead to type my content there and then it works perfectly fine.

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Joshua2765 Premium
Hello, Rab.

In the beginning, I had the same problem, and yes...it is annoying!
However, I've found out what causes it, and now, I don't have the issue.

For some reason, when I would highlight certain text and make it H3, the next line beneath would also "become H3." Thus, any block of text that began on that line took on H3 characteristics (I hope that's clear).

So, to get around it, what I do now is to put at least two lines of space between the text that I want to be H3 and the P text. Then, I make the target text H3 (the P text should remain P as long as it is not on the line that has H3 characteristics).

After that, I place my cursor at the end of the H3 text line and hit Delete enough times to bring my P text back up to where it needs to be.

I hope all of that is clear. I don't have the problem anymore, so I know it works. Give that a try.

Continued success,

ManikaHenn Premium
Hey Rab,
I agree that sitecontent does indeed have its problems (quite a few of them); headings being one of them. Personally, the most annoying one for me is the inability to add links tom phrases without your whole article scrolling to the top! This said, I still find it such a comfortable tool to use! Thanks for sharing!

Memorylaneuk Premium
I often have issues with headings here too. I don't bother anymore. I just make the title bold and change it it to H3 in wordpress once it is published.
With Grace and Gratitude
DKMade Premium
I have the same issue and I have found you have to make those changes on the fly and then later on if you want to change them then you can go back and change them but if they are not there ahead of time, it will change the whole article.

So just put headings in as you type H1 title tags and then H2-H6 are just your hierarchy anyways, just make all the other tags H2 or H3 and then later change them to H3-H6 if needed. It is a frustrating technique since your like me and just type but after a few thousand words you get the hang of it.
Rabrx Premium
haha thanks!
ValerieJoy Premium Plus
Sorry to learn of your problem with H2 and H3 headings, Rab.

I've just checked Site Content and I didn't experience that problem.

However, I do know what you mean as I've experienced that same problem several times in WordPress editor.

Maybe it is just one of those things that happen at times.

I hope it soon comes right for you.