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April 18, 2018
So I will just get straight to the point. Currently, I am managing an amazon affiliate website but its basically like a multi-niche on one site. I have 3 niche - kitchen & dining, technology and sports & outdoors. My site is currently at the 3.5 month mark and somehow I decided to think that having a multi-niche website might be a bad idea as it can get overwhelming at times. So I thought of whether I should focus on just kitchen and dining niche and delete the rest of the post that I h
So basically I tried to outsource my content by looking for writers on Fiverr. I decided to give it a try and if I were to come across a good writer, I might hire him/her. I needed a 1500 product review article and I found one writer with decent reviews that offers the same service for only $5! I was obviously skeptical at first and this sounds too good to be true. I also looked at the country the writer is from which happens to be Pakistan and I know there are good Pakistani writers out there
January 12, 2018
omg i cant believe it. This is a big deal for me because first of all, I did not check my amazon associates account for days and just focused on writing content, SEO optimizing it. Second, I am working on a new amazon affiliate niche site and it was only created like 7 days ago on 6 Jan 2017.Its only 20 cents but it is a first sign of progress for me. The feeling is just so...I cannot put it into words. I am also sharing this with you guys that WA training really does work, just stick to it. Oh
December 29, 2017
Here's just a small little rant so that I can vent my frustrations somewhere (I don't have a pen and paper with me at the moment).I don't hate sitecontent at all, in fact, I find it useful and always have that feeling of accomplishment whenever I hit my target total words, paragraphs and headings.And also that "You're almost there! Finish strong" when you are nearing your content goals. I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this and maybe its just my mouse or if its a SiteContent thing
So I published my new article today on 18 dec on the topic of how to convert your existing Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Gold. As usual, I then go on to Google search console and fetch as google and did all that. You know the drill. After I was done, I decided to see if my page got any rankings and I was expecting a 0 but to my surprise, my post got on page 6 of Google!Is this normal?Update: Just went on Incognito mode and its now on page 5
December 16, 2017
Besides, I google, I did not neglect Bing and Yahoo so I have been consistently submitting my URLs to Bing Webmaster as well.To my surprise, I got page 1 on Bing for the search terms 'How to convert 401k to gol ira" and "convert 401k to gold IRA" *the only difference are the stopwordsAs you can see, the rest are all paid ads and the first organic search result is my site! (yay..?)Page 1 for the terms "store gold IRA at home"
December 16, 2017
Hi there.So I came across and decided to try it out myself and see where my pages are ranked in Google. TO my surprise, 2 of my articles are on page 5 of Google and another article is on page 6! I can't believe it. Am I supposed to be happy or sad, idk. Idk what to feel. Page 5 ranking for the search term "can you store gold IRA at home"Page 5 ranking for the search term "Convert 401k to gold IRA"Page 6 ranking for "avoid gold scams"And all I did was write on the keywords that hav
December 15, 2017
Has anyone ever felt guilty for taking a day off? For the past few days, I have been waking up early to brainstorm some idea for my content and do keyword research. I have been doing it consistently and I only let loose once I am done with everything from publishing my posts, doing daily on site optimizations, to offering and requesting comments. I decided to just sleep in today and continue watching my anime for the whole day and for some I reason I feel guilty for not doing my work. So here I
December 06, 2017
Hi there. So I just felt like writing out on what I have done so far and what I want to achieve more out of my site. I have already written some of the necessary posts and 4 reviews. Right now, I am working on on-site optimization and ensuring that all of my posts have the right keywords, meta tags, etc with the help of Yoast SEO, google search console, etc. Once I am done with that, I will continue creating unique content(blog posts) with low competition keywords relating to the current trendi
November 09, 2017
Hello there fellow members of the WA community! :) I hope you are having a great day. I am typing this blog post to share with you guys about my experience here at WA and how I have been doing. I actually signed up for Wealthy Affiliate premium in July for a month but I was too busy with my school stuffs and the never ending workload so I did not fully get a chance to utilize the courses offered here in Wealthy Affiliate.However, I really like the community here and wish to subscribe for a life