First Sale on Amazon!

Last Update: January 12, 2018

omg i cant believe it. This is a big deal for me because first of all, I did not check my amazon associates account for days and just focused on writing content, SEO optimizing it.

Second, I am working on a new amazon affiliate niche site and it was only created like 7 days ago on 6 Jan 2017.

Its only 20 cents but it is a first sign of progress for me. The feeling is just so...I cannot put it into words.

I am also sharing this with you guys that WA training really does work, just stick to it. Oh and also, focus on marketing like product reviews because they tend to convert well.

I will be working even harder from now on, I will update you guys soon on my progress!

Rab :D


This is all too weird for me Idk if its a glitch but as you can see above my earning was 20 cents from 1 sale. I kept on refreshing just to be sure.

And then I came back to the same page because I am writing on a new product review post and had to get the link. I then refreshed again and I made another sale on 11 jan! So total earnings = 64 cents

its weird but okay i will take it
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TCUK Premium Plus
pannagirl Premium
Nice job. And also know that people that are at amazon via your affiliate link can buy other things then that you are promoting.

This is just the beginning. Keep up the good job and you will see your earnings grow.
Rabrx Premium
Thank you! The sale was from one of the products I was promoting haha but either way I am still aware of that which is why I love Amazon (despite its small commission). I wish you happiness and success in 2018 :)
followzhao Premium
Haha wow i was literally just reading your 'Page 5 and 6 of Google?' rant a few days ago. Congratulations!
Rabrx Premium
Thank you but those are for a different site though haha. Thanks a lot for reading, I really wish you success as well. Everyone who works hard (and smart) deserves this, too! :)
Karlito76 Premium
Congratulations! That is a fast turnaround, you must be doing it right. Keep up the good work and I hope there are plenty more where that came from.
Rabrx Premium
Thanks, Karl! :) I wish you success as well.
Rabrx Premium
I apologize if my blog post seems like I didn't put a lot of thought into it and that its too short. But I like to make things short and sweet