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I had been floundering around out there online for a bunch months wasting time and money trying to learn how to make money...and getting nowhere fast.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate in early 2010 pretty much entirely on faith (and reviews). There was no starter membership when I joined, it was a closed door until you paid.

I had no idea what I was getting into, let alone how to do any part of it but I knew this community held the answers to what I was seeking. I clicked 'join' and I've never looked back.

I live in Southwest BC. I have three big kids 25, 23, 17, a husband, a dog and a cat. I like warm sunny weather, staying home and playing outside with the plants in my yard.

My garden at home is a bit unique. The whole thing is portable and in containers. (Sadly, I've since had to dismantle my garden, but this is what it was like.) It has a new smaller appearance at my new residence.

It was big, I stopped counting individual containers around 44 hostas, 6 cherry trees, 52 red raspberry tubs, 27 yellow raspberries, 25 blueberries, I don't know how many dozen perennials, it goes on and on...and then on some more!

I have a thing against grass. I think it's a terrible waste of good garden space. I pulled out my entire back field handful by handful to make my garden. It took 10 years but I did it. (My mother wonders where I got my tenacity)

I have pink blueberries and blue blueberries, red, yellow, black and purple raspberries. In the summer I have red, white and purple potatoes.

There's purple, white and yellow carrots (and orange ones too), peas and pole beans. There's an outdoor herb garden and an indoor basil patch in the summer for drying and cooking.

I have 3 raised bed perennial patches with all different colours of all heights of fragrant Oriental Lilies up to 7 feet tall and Trumpet Lilies too. There's Garden phlox, giant Delphinium (8 ft tall when blooming), Clustered Bellflower (a var. of Campanula), Moss phlox, Achillea ptarmica (one of my favourites but it's a weed), there's Crocuses and Spanish Bluebells in there now and Sempervivum (Hens and Chicks) and more.

Some of the perennials in containers are Veronica, Liatris, Aquilegia, Clematis, Pampas grass, Japanese Forest grass, several varieties of ferns, Japanese Painted Fern (very cool), Japanese Blood Grass, Delphinium, Dicentra, Astilbe and so much more.

The original criteria for the garden was that the plants had to be tall, fragrant and red and/or white. I am Canadian, eh. ;) But now somehow all different colours are mixed in, how did that happen? I swear they find me.

They also had to be drought tolerant and able to handle a restricted environment with poor soil. I also wanted those same plants to attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other beneficial insects too. Haha, I don't expect much do I??

So ultimately, I've ended up with a very tough, fast growing, easy to care for, beautiful, grand, fragrant garden that can handle just about any neglect I throw at it! That's my kinda garden!

It's all set up with pallets, reclaimed stone pathways and ground cover plants. It kind of looks like a little nursery.

Back to Wealthy Affiliate. I've been a member here for 6 years now and I don't regret a single day of it. I've made great strides with the tools offered here and learned more than I ever thought I would about websites, the internet and online sales.

I still have a long way to go as far as my financial goals go. I have a habit of doing too many things at once so my progress here definitely could have been faster but hey...any forward progress is better than doing nothing!

I've met some great people and received so much help and guidance from very skilled members that just like to help, selflessly and kindly.

Thank you!! You know who you are. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you!

I can't see myself ever quitting here, each day seems to bring more cool opportunities and ideas. I've made more websites than I have time for, but there are just so many great ideas to work with!

It's an amazing feeling going down to the mailbox and finding a cheque from Amazon! It's well worth working for! Don't give up. Keep focused and it'll happen for you too.

If you have people in your life telling you that you're crazy for doing this or that it can't possibly work, just ignore what they say and keep plugging through. Put on the blinders and stick with WA. The naysayers will be very, very quiet when you start cashing those cheques. Guaranteed.

I didn't talk about this with anyone offline at the beginning, not even my husband. But slowly as the little successes started to build up then I started to talk about it more, now people have started to ask me how it's going.

Then they ask, how are you actually making money? How does that work? How hard is it? Wow...way to go! is what they say, I couldn't do that...lol. It goes on and on. Just believe in yourself and keep working hard. No one tells me I'm crazy anymore! Lol.

Had you looked at me 6 years ago and told me that I would soon be owning websites that are actually coming up on Google that I built myself. I would have turned and looked behind me, sure that you had to be talking about someone else. There was no way I would've believed it. I was the type whose eyes glazed over in every conversation related to computers or online anything.

I had no interest at all and even took forever to get an email account (I remember thinking "why do I need this again?".)

I'm not afraid of the computer now and even understand it a little bit. With the people, the tools and the amazing community within WA, I've changed everything about what I thought I was interested in and am now building a new career out of thin air.

A huge Thank You to Kyle and Carson for creating this dynamic one-of-a-kind community! The vision they have is amazing.

There is absolutely no other place you need to be to learn anything and everything you ever wanted to about affiliate marketing and building websites. Really.

WA continues to evolve and get better and better every month and year I've been here. Kyle, Carson and their team work tirelessly to make sure WA always sets the standard and then improves upon itself.

If you've just joined, the best bits of advice I can tell you after 6 years with WA:

1. Don't quit or give up in frustration. Push through it (take a walk, have a nap, play in the garden but don't throw your computer out the window lol) and most of all use the WA community for help.

The collective knowledge of so many people in one place is the power behind WA and your success.

2. Keep at it and trust that the training in the Bootcamp and the Certification Courses will eventually sink in. It'll make more sense over time, promise.

3. Use the extensive training provided here and put into action everything you can squeeze out of this website.

4. Most of all, let the pressure off yourself. Don't focus on making tons of money right away.

A wise person once told me (might have been Kyle) that you must learn how to make $1 online before you can make thousands or hundreds of thousands online. Simple I guess, but I had never thought about it before that point. I just wanted money (and lots of it) to pour out of my computer haha!

It's more important to focus on learning how to build the best website you can on a subject you like. Everything else will fall into place.

I don't really do a lot of posting here but I'm always around and happy to help, let me know if you need anything!

Have a wonderful day!
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BenTrident Premium
I just updated my About Me blurb as well. Thanks again for your welcome here at WA, I'm getting along a little better these days.
Stacydee Premium
It's great to hear from you, glad things are going a little better for you!
fol8 Premium
Thanks for the follow, and really like your profile! Very inspirational, to hear how far you have come compared to 5 years ago. All the best for your continued success!
Stacydee Premium
Thanks glad you liked it, no one in my life (5 years ago) would have ever guessed that I would become the computer nerd in the house. Onward and upward!
fol8 Premium
Great for you and keep it up! All the best:)
DoubleTap Premium
Hmm, good advice. I remember my neighbor growing some cherry tomatoes upside down a few years ago. He used some pretty heavy duty stuff, too. I'll definitely get creative when I go to put everything together. I've got to double check the eaves on my garden side and make sure that they're in good enough shape. I may just reinforce everything with another header and work everything off of that. Either way, it's gonna be a fun little project... probably set for the last week of February out here.
DoubleTap Premium
Excellent stuff Stacy! I sure do appreciate it. I'll see what Wally World's got in stock and pick up some pvc to build a rack to hang 'em on. Some critters have been getting to mine also, so this should eliminate that problem. Thanks again for all your help.. it truly is appreciated!
Stacydee Premium
No problem at all. But you'll need to build something really strong-stronger than pvc, they are at least 100 lbs when they are full of soil and have a large fruiting plant in them. It would be very sad if they fell on their heads! And moving them after planting is not recommended.

If you are going to build a rack type thing, use rebar or chainlink fence posts. You'll have to be creative. I have 6 - 125lb test steel hooks screwed into a 2" x 8" x 12' beam that's nailed into my house with giant twist nails.
DoubleTap Premium
Not a bad idea, growing them upside down. Do you use the Topsy Turvy or something similar?
Stacydee Premium
Yes I do but not the fancy name brand one. The system really works, I had thrown in the towel and gotten tired of buying and killing tomato plants the year before that product came out. So I had to try it, now it's the only reason why I can grow them at all.