Disappointing experience outsourcing writers on Fiverr

Last Update: February 19, 2018

So basically I tried to outsource my content by looking for writers on Fiverr. I decided to give it a try and if I were to come across a good writer, I might hire him/her.

I needed a 1500 product review article and I found one writer with decent reviews that offers the same service for only $5! I was obviously skeptical at first and this sounds too good to be true. I also looked at the country the writer is from which happens to be Pakistan and I know there are good Pakistani writers out there that sells their service for dirt cheap so I decided to give it a go.

Provided him with clear and easy to follow instructions such as using the word "I" a lot and even provided the relevant links for each product so that he can refer to it.

My expectations were not high but I was still disappointed because how can a writer be this awful??? So basically my topic was on Inversion Tables and I did clearly mentioned that in my order.

When I received the article, it literally gave me cancer. Just look at this.

" Ironman Gravity 4000 is a Top rated, best inversion table, built with a long-lasting tubular steel scratch resistant frame.Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table provides so much comfortable to users.

Head and back to 2.5 inches thick, large Memory foam vinyl covered backrest. It has long vinyl-coated safety handles for easy return to the upright position safely and non-skid tough rubber floor stabilizers for the stability of inversion table when inverting. Also able to fold Ironman Gravity 4000, When not in use.Long lasting tubular steel frame, supports up to 350 pounds 2.5 inches thick large Memory foam vinyl covered backrest for more comfort.Extra lower back support with a removable lumbar pillow Adjustable ankle locking system, non-skid tough rubber floor stabilizers Invert up to 180 degrees. "

This is just part of the product review that I copy and pasted here to show you guys. Obviously, the "writer" copy and paste the features of the product and dump them all in a sentence. It's literally so bad.

I then read the 4th product and remember, the topic is on Inversion Tables, nothing else. This is what I got.

" The folding x frame design from exerpeutic Fitness makes it very easy to get on and off the bike giving you a more fun and effective exercise experience.The three-piece high torque cranking system provides a reliableand consistent pedaling motion.The precision balanced flywheel and V belt drive provide a smooth and quiet operation you can watch TV or listen to music while working out with no interference and more if you're watching TV there is even a place to put your remote control or any other accessory you want to keep close by while exercising the larger pedal design with adjustable safety straps will prevent any foot slippage . "

He clearly did not refer to the product link that I gave him and since when did Inversion Tables have a bike??? I was so confused reading this because it wasnt what I asked for at all.

I then left a review saying it wasn't good despite the fast delivery and he decided to offer me a FREE 500-word article on ANY topic and that I can contact Fiverr Support to change my reviews. Nope, not happening.

The bottom line is: you get what you pay for AND if something sounds too good to be true, don't go for it if it does not have enough credibility. Plus, reviews on Fiverr are not genuine, most of the time. I tend to find that if you criticize the work of the seller, they will try whatever means necessary to get perfect reviews.


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a1jonuk Premium
I have tried fiver in my past online efforts after watching someone praising them on a webinar and saying how fantastic this outsourcing is and we can get anything done for 5 dollars (I should say at the end of the webinar there was a course for sale “How to use fiver.com for $197”)

I didn’t buy the course and I am sure there where up sells but I did try fiver for a couple of things but decided I could have done a much better job myself.

Like I say to my customers in my offline flooring business “If it’s cheap -there’s a reason for it”

You will get what you pay for.

Kyle Premium Plus
I have had the same experience, on multiple attempts with fiverr.com writers. There definitely is not the quality control there and I had two of my recent jobs totally lapse without ANY work get done.

Disappointing to say the least.
Rabrx Premium
funny thing is that in his bio, he claims to be a 'Skilled SEO Expert' (but there were tons of keyword stuffing in the article) and 'University Educated' but his work is not up to basic standards at all. Using such claims is one of the most common feature that I find with several writers on Fiverr
Joshua2765 Premium
Hello, Rab.

Wow! That was bad!

Generally, even though they may charge more, for any writing assignment that you outsource, you want native speakers to do the work. American English is difficult enough for many Americans to get right; foreigners often don't have a prayer of being completely accurate.

By the way, you did the right thing in sticking to your guns regarding the reviews.

Wishing you continued success,

Rabrx Premium
I don't mind a few grammatical errors here and there and I have friends that speak the most basic english yet they can form proper sentences unlike this writer that I ordered with. But after my experience, I will never deal with writers on Fiverr ever again
Alan Hocking Premium
Oh dear not a good experience!

I use iWriter for all my articles and they are very good
Rabrx Premium
I did check it out before but wasn't sure which one I should pick. There are 4 levels, if I'm not wrong from Standard to Elite Plus. Which level do you usually go for? I didn't like the Starter and Premium level because I don't feel like there are any skilled writers that can meet my needs but I have yet to try so I am still not sure
Alan Hocking Premium
I pay for premium and above and have always been happy with the quality I've gotten.

The trick is to give them very clear and concise instructions as you obviously did but the good thing with iWriter is that if you're not happy with the article you can refuse to accept it or request a re-write and you don't pay anything until you're 100% happy with the work.
jwlewis777 Premium
Kudos to your courage for giving that a try! Personally, there's way too much OCD in me to try it, hehehe.

Lesson learned I would say!